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World’s Most Advanced AI Google Duplex Changing the future of customer services

Did you remember Tony Stark’s personal assistant JARVIS (Just a Rather Very Intelligent System) and the AI FRIDAY from the much celebrated Iron Man franchise? Remember how the face of Stark family activated FRIDAY to fight the final battle in Slovakia against Ultron? You can achieve spectacular results with the help of Artificial Intelligence, provided you know how to leverage its truest potential.


Even though the AIs in sci-fi movies are involved in accomplishing larger than life missions, the real-life scenario seems to be equally intriguing. Ask me why? Thanks to the all-new Google Duplex AI, it is the coolest thing that came out of Google’s I/O developer’s conference back in the month of May 2018.

How Google Duplex 2.0 is changing the Face of Customer Services?

The newest technology for Google Assistant can make AI-driven phone calls on the user’s behalf to set up things like salon appointments, restaurant reservations and the likes. No wonder the future is here, and it appears to be one exciting phenomenon to root for.

  • Making life easier than ever

We don’t really like to book restaurants, hotel rooms and salon reservation by rushing into things all the time, do we? According to a particular research conducted on the topic of AI, Robotic technology is used from shopping on Amazon to winning tournaments.

The revamped Google Duplex AI adds up to the value by making things easier with its intelligent interface and AI features. It will use the information Google already knows about you. It will manage and book necessary appointments based on location, past preferences, purchase behaviour and the likes.

This will help you to save time and focus on the important tasks.

  • Google Duplex ensures complete elimination of language barriers

It is said that this feature is of great importance to people with disabilities like impaired hearing. In addition, the advanced AI feature is all geared up to help immigrants and tourists having trouble speaking the local language.

They can simply use their Smartphones to converse with someone, book a reservation, understand local languages, interpretations and more. You don’t need to roam around frantically, looking for the localites to help you deal with the language barriers in a new country.

The Duplex technology makes it all the more simpler and smarter than ever.

  • The Duplex goes beyond speech and restaurant reservations


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The newly announced Google Duplex 2019 is said to be the Duplex for the Web. With the latest update, the Duplex goes beyond speech. It can fill out forms on behalf of you across all pages. When we book things online, we are often required to navigate a number of pages that includes those irritating zooming and pinching to fill out the forms.

With the Duplex on board, Google Assistant can act on your behalf to fill out forms in accordance with your usual preferences. Interestingly, Google demonstrated how Duplex is all set to book a car as well.

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai is of the opinion… “Filling out form is time consuming, and if you lose users in the workflow then businesses lose out as well. Our system can do it better.”

Watch the full video here.

  • AI will call businesses to check holiday hours on your behalf

The search engine giant cited the example of store opening hours in Google search during special times of the year. The users wanted to know if it could ring up a local shop and ask for its Christmas opening hours?

According to Google, Assistant will collect all the information accordingly and let you know about the opening/closing/holiday hours for the business. The database has been designed in a way that it could automatically update its system. It will make phone calls on your behalf to check on the status of the particular business and its hours of operation.

  • Google Duplex and the future of customer reviews

The latest advancement allows Google Duplex to add more functionality as it turns into a two-way service between the customers and business owners.

If you own an agency that works with different franchisees at multiple locations that update their store data constantly, the latest Duplex update may come as a welcome relief. The latest Google Duplex update is expected to prevent low ratings, poor customer reviews and downstream complaints from consumers.

Apart from that, if your client’s business primarily revolves around multi-lingual customers, future evolution in Google Duplex may allow consumers to interact with the Assistant in their native language. Most amazingly, the AI helps in adapting the autonomous call to your clients in their native language.

As a result, the future of customer service for local and international businesses seems promising as the system is likely to eliminate friction in the client service experience.

  • You can book appointments online with businesses that lack digitisation

The Duplex technology is not merely about helping out busy people. When it comes to securing the future of customer service, every business house will try to come up with the best technological advancements.

And the latest AI interface from Google is making its presence felt among businesses that lack online booking systems. The Google Assistant has been updated so that it could send across appointment reminders to the users.

If you are unable to track reservation status online, the AI-powered technology will save you from the clutches of missed appointments.

The Future Holds Great Things 

It is an amazing feeling to realise that we are almost on the verge of strengthening our relationships with chatbots, provided we know about them before investing in one. With the Duplex Demo 2.0 already becoming a hit as the assistant by sounding shockingly human, I rest my case. The future holds great things for us.

Here’s a quick recap of the things we have learned so far.

  • Advanced robotic technology will manage all bookings based on preferences, locations and purchase behaviour.
  • Language is literally not a barrier anymore; you can use Google Duplex for native language assistance.
  • Filling out online forms will get easier than ever. AI reduces the pain of constant screen zooming and pinching while filling in details.
  • The AI will call businesses and check on the status of operating/holiday hours on behalf of the user.
  • Future evaluation in Google Duplex may assist customers in interacting with the Assistant in their native language.
  • The updated Duplex will help users keep track of their reservations with businesses that lack online booking systems.

Trivia: During a phone call demo, the Google Assistant dropped in a super cool “mmmmm” sound in a conversation. Such craziness, much wow!

I can’t wait to see AI interacting with people. What are your views? Let us know in the comments section below.

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