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Top 10 Car Buyer Apps

If we look around us now, we will find that the world has taken huge leaps in the field of digital race. People around are very engrossed into earning money, so much that they spend on expensive amenities but cannot use the items to its full potential due to the lack of time. Buying latest and expensive television sets is trending even though people don’t get ample time watching TV shows and movies.

However, there is that one device that has done a world of good to human race, more of benefits than losses. That is the smartphone of this generation. Everything we do, in some form or other connected to smartphones. Such is the dependence on smartphones in this generation that we utilize them for every little thing we do.

In fact, earlier people needed to go to physical stores to find out the quotations or specifications of cars. But nowadays, all of this is handled by smartphones and the web called internet. Liked a newly launched car? Google it and find out everything about it.

The results of many surveys report that over 70 per cent of all the smartphone users in this present time use smartphone-based apps and the web to know more of the details of their favourite cars. More often than not, the entire process of buying a car is carried on through these apps and websites.

So, keeping this in mind, it wouldn’t be wrong if we search over the app stores and find out the best ones to suit your needs. Making things easier for you, here is a list of the top ten car buyer apps that you will find on your app store. Choose the best one among them and get on track with the latest automobile trends.

1. CarWale

The CarWale app is based on the website It is one of the most liked apps that keep the users updated with the latest happening from around the automobile world. It also provides the users with unbiased expert opinions and reviews on the latest cars, first drive reviews and the likes.

Apart from this, you will get the information about all the cars, their configurations, off road prices, etc. on this app, thus making the search for the best suited car for you easier.

2. ZigWheels

ZigWheels is another popular app based portal which brings the automobile industry closer to you. You will like the interface on which it is built on and the smooth functioning. You can compare cars and motorcycles and get expert opinion.

Apart from this, you can also buy and sell used cars. Once you start using this app, you will also get connected with a large number of dealers across major cities in India.

3. Droom

You will love the concept on which Droom is built. You can call it a “Motorplace” of a kind. Name anything from a long list of automotive vehicles and you will get it on Droom. There is an extensively wide range of automobiles available on this app-based platform starting from bicycles and normal cars to aeroplanes as well.

The best way to describe Droom is that it deals everything that runs on wheels be it motor driven or not, irrespective its size.

4. AutoPortal

AutoPortal is one of the biggest names in the world of Indian automobile. It helps you take a decisive step while choose a car wisely based on their specifications and reviews. The app to this website is one of the best options to keep you connected with the automobile industry on the go. It makes choosing and buying cars extremely simple and easy. The users using this app will not have to keep visit physical dealership showrooms to get the details of cars. They can simply open the app and find the car, get the specifications know about the exclusive showroom prices and also get financing assistance on the go.

5. CarDekho

CarDekho is probably one of the oldest and most trusted names in the field of Indian automobile industry. It even features among the top business startups in India. It provides assistance to almost all the queries regarding cars.

It also has a very simplified approach to buying and selling of old cars, thereby making the life of automobile enthusiasts easy.

6. Overdrive

Overdrive is one of the best stops for the car lovers who want to be in the middle of the action of the automobile world. This app and web based business works had to provide honest and unbiased reviews by testing cars and reviews it for the users all by themselves. Overdrive has been providing this excellent service for over 17 years now.

Besides these honest reviews, Overdrive is also known for its assistance all along the way while you choose and buy your favourite car. It also gives you timely updates with the latest happening in this industry.

7. CarTrade

After running a success spree with the website, the CarTrade app is one of the newest automobile app on the block. It has a huge gallery of a large number of old and used cars which are available to the buyers through simple steps. If you need to get your old car, CarTrade is one of the best destinations as it promises great value for your car.

It also runs a news portal on cars and motorcycles running parallel to the main stream.

8. Car Expert India

Car Expert India might sound like a lower grade app in compared to the other popular ones. But if you go by the value an app brings to you, this one will definitely rank higher up. It works as a multi-purpose app providing assistance with tools like EMI calculator, car maintenance and fuel estimation.

Besides this, you will also get a fair idea of which car is presently trending in the market as this app will also bring to you the top most rated cars. This rating depends on the reviews made by the users itself.

9. OBV (Orange Book Value)

OBV helps in determining the original and perfect market value of any used car. It is one of the first algorithmic pricing portal in India. It brings the exact valuation of used cars and bikes with its real time data analytic theory which evaluated depending on the depreciation. It takes into account various factors like the model brand, year of manufacture, physical and mechanical condition and kilometers driven.

10. Gaadi

Gaadi is based on one simple mantra i;e providing all the information on new as well as old cars right at the fingertips. It is one of the most user friendly automobile app. You can browse through and old cars and motorcycles,  get their specifications, features and everything else right in one place.

With this app, you can compare cars, use the car finder, views the image gallery, get old car valuation, etc.

Summing up

It is often very difficult to get to your favourite car by tackling the new and dynamic tactics adopted by the salespersons and false vehicle information. It is very important to eliminate this concern to get into the scheme of things directly and get the job done all by yourself (of course the assistance of trusted partners are needed).

Honestly, this list will surely deal such issues regarding automobiles that you may have. These apps are available for free and will surely save up for precious time and efforts for the good.

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