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Best laptop sitting posture setups

Laptops have changed everything. Ever since we started traveling around with portable computers, we have changed the very shape of business and pleasure. Unfortunately, it has also had a rather negative effect on our health, causing us to sit in comfortable but unhealthy ways.


First and foremost, ditch the slouched position. While it may be easy to place the laptop on, well, your lap, this only leads to bad posture and spinal strain. Use pillows or bags to prop it up to eye level.

Larger Screen

Either this or larger font size will prevent you from going into a hunched and squinting position. The better you can see and read the items on the screen, the less harm it will do to your eyes and your back.


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Don’t forget to take a break every half hour. As enticing as the Excel sheet you’re building is, staring at the screen for long periods of time and not moving your legs really hurts your body in the long run. All you need to do is just walk away from the laptop and move your body for about five minutes before getting back to work.

Travel Light

If you can’t travel light, get a suitcase with wheels on it. If you’re not going anywhere that requires a suitcase, pack as light as you can. Additions like batteries and plugs can add a lot of weight that will be improperly distributed across your body. Instead, invest in doubles so that whether you are at work or at home, you have what you need to keep working.

Eye Level

As close as you can achieve it, keep your laptop screen at eye level. This means a level that keeps you from having to bend your neck in weird ways just to see everything. If you don’t have a denoted screen stand, get creative and use books.

Separate Mouse

A lot of wrist hurt comes from the odd angle the hand is placed at when using the built-in touch pad. Instead, buy an ergonomic mouse that allows you to keep your wrist straight as you go about your business.

Different Keyboard

Like the mouse, the keyboard is known to lead to a lot of hand and wrist injuries. If you type a lot, purchase a keyboard and set it up so that your arms are at a 90 degree angle when typing. Again, like the mouse, your wrists should always remain flat, never bent.


If you’re not up for two additional components, fix your body to work for you. Recline in a chair to support your neck and angle everything so that there is as little strain as possible.

The Chair

There is a reason CEOs spend so much on a good chair. The best are completely adjustable to fit every body shape and come with lower back support.

Propping your Feet

Last but not least, check your legs. Your knees should be at the same height as the hips to take off undue strain. If they are not, invest in a small stool.

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