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Get a Translator on the Go with Stepes

Anyone who travels often has experienced this: going to an abroad country, where an entirely different language is spoken, and having a terrible time trying to communicate with the locals, or getting instructions to go somewhere. Communication is nearly impossible in these situations, frustrating both the locals and tourists.

But it does not have to be like this. At least not in the view of Stepes, which recently launched a new service that promises to revolutionize the way people interact with others who speak different languages. Dubbed as the “Uber of translation services”, it helps travelers connect with bilingual locals, who will then help them going through the hurdles of dealing with a foreign language. In Stepes’ own words, it is like having your personal language assistant anywhere you go.

Translation services, in their most traditional fashion, are increasingly challenged by machine translation. However, businesses still need human translators where cultural nuances and subject matter knowledge are needed. Big translation, a trend steadily growing these days, intends to take advantage of the fact that, nowadays, lots of people speak at least two languages: their native one and, most of the times, English.

This opens the door to amazing possibilities, as in addition to professional translators, regular bilingual people, not in the translation business, can actually weigh in this field and contribute to this globalized economy of ours. Big translation can bridge the gap that there is still present in our societies, bringing different languages and cultures together.

Stepes is based on this very same idea, taking advantage of the incredible potential lying in people that speak two or more languages. This app allows tourists to get real-time human translations, as well as vital information about the area they are at – all this available with the push of a button.

Regardless of the amount of information a tourist collects about their next destiny, it is impossible to match that to the knowledge possessed by a local. With Stepes, they have the best of these two worlds.

The Stepes app is available to download, without any cost, for the Android and iOS operating systems. There is also a link available for the latest APK (Android only), which can be found here.

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