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Tech Upgrades that Will Supercharge Your Home into the Future

Technology is constantly making our lives better. Cars are becoming faster, phones are becoming sleeker and meaner, and even something as simple as teapot is finding a way to raise its IQ. Therefore, it should not be too much of a surprise that there is a pretty extensive list of upgrades that can supercharge our homes right into the future and make even the most optimistic 80’s sci-fi movies jealous. Let us take a look at some of the most interesting mentions.

Temperature Regulating Sheets


Do you have problem finding the perfect sheet that will keep you warm when it’s cold, but not suffocate you when the temperature rises? Of course you have. Don’t worry, though – NASA and the US Army have joined the forces to solve this burning issue and came up with the fabric that adjusts its temperature according to the temperature of your body. Useful for space exploration and double bed as well.


Remote Controlled Lights


A lifelong dream of people that sometimes just can’t force themselves out of the bed, remote controlled lights are a small upgrade, but insanely useful nevertheless. Program the bulbs to turn on and off in customizable intervals, or control them with your smartphone and make your life if just a little bit easier.

Levitating Speakers

Levitating speakers are just like the ordinary speakers, but unlike the latter ones they’re levitating. Seriously. You can even find them in the Death Star variety. Granted, these little Bluetooth-powered feats of wonder are too underpowered to replace some serious sound system but they are a great improvement over smartphone speakers and they can lend your home a good deal of futuristic vibe.

A More Efficient Toilet

We all know that regular toilets waste too much water. We also know that low-flush toilets are riddled with huge amount of problems. Niagara Stealth Dual Flush marries the best of both world and uses vacuum to force only 3 liters of water down the toilet. And all that without the loud sucking noise usually associated with this type of toilets. A great upgrade in the place where you’d least expect.

Home Theatre


Are you tired of obnoxious moviegoers who come to theatre to do everything but actually watch the movie? Sacrifice one of your rooms for a new tv wall mount and you will never have to face this wild bunch again. If you spend some money on the automation you can even turn your home theatre into a full-blown supervillain lair.

H20 Smart Pot


On the first glance, houseplants seem rather easy to maintain. But the long track record of dead Peace Lilies and Spider Plants around the globe proves that that’s not entirely the case. If you feel guilty while reading this, H20 pot accessory is just the upgrade you need. Attach a bottle of water to this Bluetooth enabled device and let it use its database of more than 7,000 plants to schedule and handle the watering duties on its own.


Welcome Camera

Your very own face-recognition system, a welcome camera will alert you when your family members are at home and send you a ping when it sees an unfamiliar face. The dedicated app will also provide you a timeline of who arrived when, making it a perfect weapon for fighting renegade teenagers in your house.


This neat little piece of tech will allow you to remotely monitor your pets and it also features an in-built microphone so you can talk to them when they feel lonely. Or you can just use the in-built laser pointer to annoy the living Hell out of your cat even when you’re not home.

Some of these upgrades are very useful; some of them are simply awesome. All of them can help your home raise its IQ and make your life if just a little bit easier. Well worth the money, if you ask us.

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