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7 Cheat Sheets to Help Your Master MS Office for Mac

Microsoft Office is among the most used office suite across the globe. Almost everyone with a writing project uses Microsoft office for their activities. Among its commonly used applications include the Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint cheat sheets. Learning more about these sheets will help to increase your productivity while using Microsoft Office. About this, we discuss seven cheat sheets that’ll help you master Microsoft office for Mac easily. Make sure to read through the article for a chance to learn more about these cheat sheets and how you can use them to improve on your knowledge.

1. Excel Shortcuts for Mac and PC

Among the most critical cheat sheets, you can use to master MS Office for Mac is the Excel’s keyboard shortcuts. You can use PDFs that display the two shortcuts side by side. The two are similar in different ways with some easy to note differences. Among the significant differences include the distinction between the Oses while other brands are but windows only. Using a side by side comparison of the two devices will be of great help in case you are moving from the PC to Mac. Make sure to use this cheat sheet and see what changes it brings into your skills about MS Office for Mac.

2. Office Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Another great sheet you can consider using to master MS Office for Mac is the printable MS Office shortcuts sheet. The New Horizon will offer the PDF online. The PDF covers all word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Excel shortcuts that commonly get used among writers. You can print this PDF sheet, fold it and place it along the edges of your device. By doing this, you get a pyramid which when kept in a convenient place will always remind you of the shortcuts. It’s among the best ways you can use to master MS Office for Mac. Consider trying it today and see what changes it brings into your life.

3. MS Office’s Quick Reference Guides

Among the most significant features of Microsoft office is the fact that they offer their cheat sheets. You can use this guide to learn more about MS Office for Mac. Master how to go about referencing your documents from their PDF which you can easily download from their online pages. You can use the 2013 or 2016 MSDN which offers details on quick start guides on how to start and operate Microsoft.

Make sure to use these referencing guides for a chance to master in a better way about MS Office for Mac.

4. Custom Guide’s Cheat Sheets

If you want access to numerous cheat sheets for Microsoft Office for Mac, make use of the Custom guide. They offer a lot of these sheets in Microsoft office for all devices. CustomGuide comes as the source of many of the office cheat sheets. With these guides, you will be able to master how to start and operate MS Office for Mac quickly. And this will speed up the rate at which you learn about the system. Consider giving it a try today and see what differences it brings into your work with the system.

5. Keyboard Shortcuts for MS Office for Mac Cheat Sheet

By clicking on http://www.osxkeyboardshortcuts.com/assets/Office-v.X-Mac-OS-X-Keyboard-Shortcuts.pdf link, you can download the available cheat sheets and use them to learn about Mac keyboard’s shortcuts. The PDF contains a full list of the alternatives for Microsoft Office for Mac devices. These shortcuts should work for any Office version installed on Mac. Consider Downloading the sheet for a chance to master all keyboard shortcuts related to Microsoft Office for Mac.

6. PowerPoint Keyboard Sequences on Mac

With PowerPoint, not many of the Microsoft users have a better understanding of its uses. As a result, it becomes difficult if you do not know its operation on Mac. We, therefore, recommend the use of PowerPoint Keyboard sequences to help you master how to open and run it on Mac. To do these, you can download the sequence PDF lists provided by Indezine for all versions of Microsoft office. For this purposes follow the following link http://www.indezine.com/products/powerpoint/learn/customize/keyboard-sequences-ppt2016.html for a chance to learn more about the menu. By doing this, it will be a simple task to master Microsoft Office for Mac in a simple manner.

7. Word cheat sheets for Mac

Another great way to master Microsoft Office for Mac is to learn more of Microsoft word Keyboard shortcuts. You can download different PDFs with details about the office and how you can go about word keyboard shortcuts. Microsoft word makes the essential part of the MS Office and therefore the need to learn its keyboard shortcuts.

Understanding more about Microsoft Office for Mac call you to learn more on how to use the keyboard to access different of its applications. And this becomes easy with the use of the available cheat sheets online and in the manuals. Learning about the shortcuts will make it even simpler. Consider the above-discussed cheat sheets which will help you master MS for Mac quickly and easily.

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