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4 Methods of Monetizing a Website You Might Not Have Thought Of

The Internet is a place of infinite opportunities and if you want to make money with it, you definitely should. Having a website of your own will open many routes for you to get revenue from your pages and you don’t have to run any kind of specialized business for it. Monetizing opportunities for websites are extremely versatile and go far beyond regular affiliate marketing and hosting ads for more successful brands.

For the duration of this article we shall assume your website is a blog. However, these ideas can be adjusted and implemented for a variety of other types of websites as well.

4 Not-Your-Usual Ideas on How to Monetize Your Website

Bring your content offline

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Today, opening an offline branch seems to be the trend for online businesses. At the least, it’s definitely a popular trend for online shops. Draw inspiration from this and try to take your content offline in some capacity. Use the Jeeran case for inspiration on how an online platform can start producing offline content.

The idea is simple, you just need to change your content into a form that will sell offline. If you are a blogger, compile your posts into a book. If you are some kind of business consultant, provide your subscribers with information packets done in the ‘old-fashioned way’. This will allow you to reach the audience that might struggle with using technology.

Become a web hosting reseller

To run a good website you need to have a reliable hosting. But have you ever thought about the fact that this itself is a monetization opportunity? If not, you should definitely consider reseller website hosting. This service will allow you to become a third party that will sell small hosting packages to your customers directly while you are simply buying a bigger package from your hosting provider.

The best opportunity to benefit from this arrangement is when you run a website that’s somehow connected with web development or design. In this case, you will already have an audience interested in launching their own websites, which means they are interested in hosting.

Start selling exclusive content

It’s strange but it seems that an irrational desire to have everything ‘exclusive’ is a part of human nature. People are prepared to pay a lot of money for any limited special, even if it’s not all that ‘special’.

You should definitely use this human quirk to turn your website’s content into a source of income. Create a separate category for Premium content and make it available on the subscription-only basis. You’ll have first subscribers trickling in right away, tempted by the promise of exclusivity.

However, you should never forget that for this monetization strategy to work, your premium content must be amazing. If you start taking money for something mediocre, subscribers will leave you right away and you might find your website blacklisted.

Accept donations

Be sure to have a ‘Donate!’ button on your website regardless of what kind of website you run. There should always be an opportunity for people to send money to support you directly. Note that this doesn’t mean that you need to collect money for some specific cause, like establishing world peace.

Instead, you need to create a website that will be so ‘personable’ and relatable and fascinating for readers that they would want to help support you out of their own volition.

Never ask for donations directly unless you are collecting money for some worthy cause. However, you should definitely give your website a personality and connect to your website visitors through comments and content. They need to see you as a friend and influencer so they will want to support you through donations.

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