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Published on April 17th, 2019 | by Sunit Nandi


8 Creative Explainer Video Models In 2019

Businesses implement creative tools for making marketing of a brand more effective. The efficacy of tools depends on its survey of people using it and the gains businesses receiving. Today, the statistics show popular use of videos, creating an impact on the wider range of audience all around the world. The data shows half a million viewers of videos around the globe. All these people watch videos on social media as the main source. However, the traffic on social media platforms is also increasing day by day due to the excessive use of videos by businesses. Hereby creating a demand for graphic designers on an overall parameter.

Explainer videos are one of its types. This video uses less time of around two to three minutes to explain a specific business idea. An explainer video transforms a simple idea into an attractive and engaging form with the use of clear and precise language. These videos are created in different forms like in 3D animations, live-action or traditional animation videos. However, the genres can be a comedy, drama or any other depending on the business theme and requirement.


The motivation behind the making of explainer videos is the fact that averagely people do not spend much time watching videos. A person spending 30 minutes on the social media platforms exposes to a number of potential content. Therefore, it is necessary to create content that attracts the audience instantly. Besides, the capacity of YouTube is increasing every year and creating a space for new entrants with time. Hence, everyone is working on the improvement and creativity of the video. In addition, there exist numerous explainer video company around the world, contributing for the creation of amazing videos for the businesses. Following are some of the best and recent explainer video models that are successfully taking the designing creativity to a new level.

1. Kano

Kano is an amazing example of creating effective marketing with an explainer video for its business. The brand created an amazing video that demonstrates the connection of the brand with children by interactively using technology for the things children love to do. For instance, the most likely thing for the children is to listen to music. Through the video, the brand expresses all its activities trending on Minecraft just to create interest among the children. They made the most interactive, colorful and fun-filled products that attract the kids and keeps them engaged.

2. PayPal

PayPal is an amazing and internationally recognized platform that supports the easy transfer of money from one place to another. The brand uses an amazing strategy to market its name. On an additional compatibility level many brands of various fields incorporate by endorsing the feature of PayPal Services to acquire online payments. They introduce a series of spots called ‘People Rule’ along with an explainer video in order to explain the spots well. The video is so amazing and attract6ed a huge fraction of the audience globally. The video consists of creative animations with live action music. It combined with the tune of the country for the buttress PayPal’s main message. The description of the video with payments efficiency is the best part that touches the audience at a huge.

3. Crazy Egg

All the marketers and the people related to the tech industry must know the brand Crazy Egg. The brand uses explainer videos to explain their product to its audience. The videos are made so creatively and easy to understand that a person who is not aware of technicities if the tech industry can also understand the product easily. The videos contained with a couple of call to action, making it a more firm and effective explainer video.

4. FiftyThree

FiftyThree is a tech company that creates amazing smartphones for users spread out all around the world. The company launched a new series of its pencil-shaped cell phone and for that; they choose the best type of explainer videos. They display the pictures with a piece of attractive music to create attention of its potential audience. This strategy of explaining everything without even saying a single word is amazing and creative. Their video explains all features of the product without identifying with words. A person learns everything about the product ending with a simple tagline ‘Think with your hand’.

5. Microsoft

Microsoft is the biggest brand in the world. However, with the increasing competition, it is necessary for the business to implement effective strategies that convey their message easily to the world. In 2019, the brand launches a video for its B2B customer domain to educate them about the cloud solution of Microsoft enterprise. The video made with creative animations that evokes the customer to buy it.

6. Dollar shave club

Dollar shave club amazingly uses explainer videos in order to deliver their idea to the world. The recently launched a humorous video that gone viral and gathered a huge number of audience for the brand. The element for the popularity of video is the explanation of the idea by not getting on the point. The brand uses a pitchman, swearing with irrelevant visual gags and the references of polio. Not all this relates to what their brand and product are about. However, it still gathered much attention. Therefore, it is significant to understand that the relativity in a video is not necessary but the creativeness that links to what you want to explain is important.

7. Dissolve

Dissolve uses explainer video strategy for conveying their business message. The brand created a humorous and impressive video for its audience. They decided to add fun factor by incorporating modern marketing tools. The video is a complete package of hilarious and funny message delivery. The comical way of presentation attracts many audiences towards the brand because of the relativeness to its targeted customers. The video got viral and shared on many platforms with massive media coverage.

8. Med Mart

Med Mart is a brand that uses the mobile application as their primary and only source of communication with their potential audience. The brand introduces an amazing animated video just to explain the process and procedure of using their mobile application. The video contains the description of a complicated process like plastic surgery and makes it easy by the use of their mobile application. The video based on 3D animations. With this process, the brand simply attracts the customers towards the use of their application. Right after the launch of this video, Med Mart got a significant increase in its customers.


The above-mentioned models are the proven examples of the effectiveness of explainer videos for creating a boost to a brand’s image. A business, big or small, should use this strategy for explaining their business idea or product. Hence, if you are facing any difficulties with gathering an audience and creating attention then the use of explainer videos will give an edge to your business marketing. However, before creating the video, make sure you know the creative elements that must be a part of your video.

With the above practical data analysis. The explainer video should have the following elements:

  • The video should be humorous with relatable elements
  • The content should be concise but complete
  • Make sure you do not add anything that can harm anyone’s feeling
  • Make the video simple so that people can easily understand the point you want to explain
  • The idea of the video should be clear. Whether it is made or business core explanation or for the launch of any specific product

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