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Buying RuneScape Gold Online: 3 Things To Look Out For

Old School RuneScape has been one of the most popular MMORPGs since it launched in 2013. A game derived from a 2007 saved file of an old version of RuneScape. This particular game that was developed by Jagex has over 100,000 players online at any given moment according to recent data gathered by the company. And if you’re fairly new to the game, you’re already aware of how difficult yet fulfilling the game can be, especially for newbies.

There are dozens of OSRS quests, missions, and tasks to choose from, Unfortunately, for beginners, they can only do only a few of them because of the limitations imposed to them by the developer.

If you’re looking to speed up the process and proceed to do more enjoyable and rewarding activities in-game, then you might be better off purchasing millions of OSRS GP online to level up faster.

Buying RuneScape gold outside the game is a pretty common practice to quickly build up your character and achieve your goals in Gielinor. It’s also a much affordable option compared to buying them in-game.

Gold is such an important factor for your success in this online game that having more of it means you get to enjoy better benefits which leads to you improving your character easier than those who have a lesser supply of gold.

But before you click on that buy now button, it would be best if you know how to tell if the company that you’re dealing with is trustworthy or not.

To help you out in finding the right RS gold site to buy RuneScape gold from, we have here the three things you should look out for when buying RuneScape gold online.

Check Out The Company First

Picking the best RS gold website to transact with can be quite difficult for those doing this for the first time. It’s understandable for you to be wary since you need to spend your hard-earned money to buy millions or billions worth of this online game currency.

A trustworthy RS gold site should receive consistent good customer reviews for at least a year or two and are not just a start-up looking to sell you cheap OSRS GP.

Since RS gold is one of the most traded MMORPG currencies today, hundreds of sites are popping up looking to take advantage of the demand for affordable RuneScape gold.

And the best way to single out good sites from bad ones is to check the reviews the company has been getting from their previous customers. Going to trusted third-party review sites to investigate is something you should do. Reviews.io or Trustpilot are some of the best review sites out there that you can go to.

The number of years a company has been serving RS players is also a factor you should look into when checking their trustworthiness. A well-experienced company should know the ins and outs of selling RS gold and how to take care of their clients’ accounts. This includes doing their best to make sure that their customer does not get banned by simply buying RuneScape gold from them.

Cheap Is Not Always Better

Picking a company that sells its gold for the cheapest price shouldn’t be your top priority when buying gold online. Sure, cheap gold is great, but will you take your chances on buying them from an unknown seller. When you buy RuneScape gold, your account’s security and safety should be your top priority.

Numerous sites are selling RS gold for 50% to 80% off the usual market price, but they have very few reviews and most of them are unverified ones. Should you try them out for a few millions worth of OSRS gold?

You can, but it’s not recommended. The first time you buy from them can also be the last time you’ll be able to use your OSRS account. Jagex is strict to those who purchase gold outside the game and will ban accounts that are proven to use gold earned through illegal means like botting. This is something that scammers usually do to gather a huge amount of OSRS gold fast.

Legit RS gold sites cannot sell their gold supply to match these scammers’ prices since doing so will bankrupt their business. Gold earned through legal means is highly valued since to get billions of them, a player must play hundreds of hours of RuneScape.

Watch Out For Impostors

In Runescape, imposters are lurking everywhere you look whether it’s on social network sites, Google, and even on the game itself. These people will do everything to entice you to buy from them, the bad news is they don’t have any plans to fulfill your gold order.

Never swap with players you don’t know and are there asking you to buy their gold out of nowhere. Also, be wary of fake established sites. A handful of brands have established themselves to be trustworthy RS gold sites, and many scammers are trying to imitate their sites to trick their customers into buying from them.

Using Greek and Latin letters on their domain name or web address to make them look similar to the original URL is one of the methods they implement.

A good indicator that you’re not on a scam site is the links are all working and the URL does not look suspicious to you. Make it a habit to verify the URL before you start adding gold to your cart, this will save you from a lot of stress in the future.

Final Thoughts

Always try to buy your RS gold on a trusted website, you are not only risking your money when buying from unverified websites but your OSRS account as well as your identity and privacy.

The good news is there are a handful of websites you can buy OSRS gold from that offer hassle-free transactions and instant delivery. A good example of this is Probemas, an RS gold site that has been helping thousands of RuneScape players with their gold needs since 2013.

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