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What Are The Different Types of Graphic Design?

A good marketing message can only get you so far; that’s why a strong image must always accompany it. Graphic design uses visual compositions to communicate forms of colour, typography and imagery and there’s no one way to do that. That’s why there are so many different types of graphic design with each that specialise in their own area.

These different types of graphic design tend to crossover; however, each requires a specific skill set and design technique. Many graphic designers specialise in a specific area or related field. However, because the marketing and design industry is changing as innovative and disruptive technologies continue to rock the world of business, more and more designers must adapt to the different types of graphic design so they can pivot throughout their careers.

Whether you are seeking a graphic designer or aspire to be one yourself then carrying on reading this short guide. If by the end you are still asking yourself the question “what is graphic design and its different areas of specialisms?” then there are many different resources available on the internet for further reading.

Motion Graphic Design

We might start this section a little bit on the obvious side but to put it simply motion graphics are graphics that move. This can include anything from animations, video, and other visual effects that can be used online, on TV or on films. This type of graphic design has gained a lot of popularity over the years as technology continues to develop and the way that consumers digest content changes.

User Interface Graphic Design

A user interface (UI) is how a user interacts with a platform. UI design is the complex process of designing interfaces to make them easy to use and enjoyable for the user.

User Interface includes all of the things that a user interacts with. This includes the screen, keyboard and mouse. But, in the context of graphic design, this concentrates explicitly on the user’s visual experience and the design of on-screen graphics like menus and call-to-action buttons.

Graphic Design For Brochures

Brochures are an incredibly powerful marketing tool for any business as they present products and services in a captivating and creative way. The great thing about brochures is that they are not only limited to providing information but can also drive prospective clients to businesses. An excellent example of where brochures are used to their full potential is in the real estate and property market. Those who are seeking to buy a new home can visit and an estate agent to discuss their requirements with an advisor and then leave with multiple different property brochures for them to look at when they get home.

Graphic Design for Packaging

Packaging isn’t simply a means of protecting a product before a consumer buys. It’s an extremely important element of marketing and enticing prospective customers to a product. It has become a lot more important in recent years as psychology of colour in marketing and branding has been recognised as a key player in increasing sales for businesses around the world.

Graphic design for packaging has the incredible power to communicate a brands story within their products. So, if a company is manufacturing a new product then it’s extremely likely that they are going to seek a graphic designer to help make it appealing to a wide consumer base. Some graphics designers work in-house, some freelance and others work for a digital marketing agency where businesses can outsource their graphic design to a team of highly skilled professionals.

Graphic Design for Vehicles

Graphic design for vehicles is a very cost-effective means of marketing and branding. Thousands of companies across the world spend a lot of money on social media advertising, TV adverts and billboards but vehicle branding is the most economical types of marketing and outdoor advertising. So, with the being said, when it comes to graphic design for vehicles, it important to design in a way that makes the most impact. And, a design that people will remember. Strong branding is about using the right colour scheme in your design that helps gain attention to your company’s message and story.

Graphic Design for Stationary

Another great way of increasing exposure and brand awareness around a business is through stationery. A well-branded selection of stationery can help make a professional and long last impression to clients or prospective customers. Stationary for businesses can come in many different forms including customised pens, folders, paper, business cards and letterheads.

Environmental Graphic Design

Environmental graphic design is a way of visually connecting people to geographical places to improve their experiences. The primary purpose of this type of graphic design is to make places more memorable and to make people want to return for a second time.

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