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Which Types Of Oil Spill Kits Mostly Builders Use?

Accidents can take place anytime anywhere regardless of the situation and the place. It can be your household or day to day office. Organization and offices are basically armed with normal needs which may include fire wardens, first aid kit and trained staff for emergency purposes too. But one thing that most of the organization lacks is oil spill kits. Offices don’t have them and take them for granted but one should know the importance and its types. Many mistakenly think that spill kills is related to chemical spills only. Besides this, there are two more, which makes a minimum of 3 types of oil spill kit. If you are looking for the types of spill kits then this article has got you covered.

An oil spill kit

Firstly and most importantly there are oil spill kits which is a tool that helps to get rid of oil spills. This is a must needed tool in places where oil is dealt with. Mostly the places where it needs is where construction takes place, especially of car or machines. Beside this if there is a risk or margin of leaking then that factor should not be ignored. Basically, oil spill kits consist of absorbent materials, disposable bags, shoe covers along with gloves and goggles. To dispose of the oil there would be a dustpan or a tank vacuum.

A chemical spill kit

As oil spill kits help to get rid of the oil spill so does chemical spill kit. When chemicals are present in the workplace then it is found to be necessary to have a chemical spill in that workplace. There are many different types of chemical spill kits available for different acids such as Hazchem or caustic. Moreover, it can be customized according to the workplace which will prevent the injury if it would take place. As oil spill kits, chemical spill kits also contain absorbent. Chemical spill kits also make use of neutralizers such as calcium carbonate. Chemical spill kits come with a dustpan, a bucket for the storage of chemicals and it also comes with vacuum. The vacuum helps when the chemical is too dangerous to handle and is hazardous.

Universal spill kits

Besides the two kits of oil spill kits and chemical spill kit discussed above, the last kit is as essential as the above two kits. The third one has known as universal spill kit and is used on a smaller scale and where the spills side effects are minimum. They mainly function by absorbing blood, paint ,coolants, fluids and any type of chemicals which tend to be less damaging. There are couple of things which universal spill kits need to have and that is PPE and second is secured bucket. A bucket is used for disposal of a spill and to make the process efficient. One should note that there are many different versions and types of spill kits available in the market when chemical, oil, and universal spill kits are discussed. One should be vigilant and should note that they use the right spill at the right time and should know the difference between each of them. Right materials, tools, and labor should be used for the cleaning of spills to avoid further tensions and mess.

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