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Published on July 9th, 2016 | by Guest


The Top 10 WordPress Launch Tips for Best SEO Results (Infographic)

People tend to stay longer and longer on the Internet nowadays. Whether it’s a personal blog or for business, attracting customers and visitors to your website depends greatly on its overall performance. Launching a WordPress website can be a no-brainer for some, but landing it on the top page of SERP can be too intimidating, especially when you do not have any idea on how the elements of your website works. Though the major factor that affect the ranking of a website is the relevance of its content to search queries, there are basic component of your website which when fixed or modified can give your website an upper hand.  This 10 tips, if done right, will not only give your website a sweet spot on the SERP, but will also provide a better user experience in your website.

Working on the foundations of your website: Web hosting, CDN, layout, etc. can give you a head start among the flock for they ensure that your website is running smoothly and accessible to the users most of the time, as one of the Google’s criteria in ranking pages is its responsiveness and site’s speed.

After working with the foundation, you may have to make adjustments on elements such as cleaning up the categories, will make it easier for Google to display the right content on the results.  Improving your meta titles and descriptions is also a proven technique to increase traffic and user engagement in your website. Equipping your site with CAPTCHA to avoid spam comments will also help the users stay in the topic of your posts. These, along with some other changes and modifications will make your website to have a better ranking and will eventually result to incremental increase of visitor-to-customer conversion.

Infographic credits: WPShrug

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