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Project Control With Contract Labor Management Software

There are a lot of things that are difficult about managing a new project, but the hardest aspect by far is bringing in a contingent workforce to get the job done.

Often, contract labor is a necessity, and there is no shortage of highly qualified workers out there. That said, how do you find them? How do you get them acclimated and on the job quickly? How do you manage them on a project that might be new ground even for you?

The answer is Contract Labor Management Software, or CLMS. Here is what you should know:

The Right People, Right Now

Contract labor management software usually comes with templates that allow you to create a detailed description of any given position, from the expectations of the job to the qualifications required. Best of all, most job management software can be automated to post the job to many different platforms with just the click of a button — recruiter websites, job boards and social media, just to name a few.

Of course, finding the right people is only part of the job. What do you do when you are deciding to hire them? The good news is that the best contract labor management software can automate notoriously tedious tasks, like completing payroll, collecting tax information, conducting background checks and so much more.

Finally, some jobs may require specialized training. Fortunately, some contract labor management software programs offer quick courses that teach workers what they need to know about standard operations and procedures and even assess course achievement via automatically graded assessments. Most courses also meet HAZCOM standards. With these standards in mind, it won’t take long to get your new hires working.

Workforce Management

There are many different ways to take attendance; however, biometric scanning is perhaps the most efficient. Typically, during the onboarding process, a worker’s thumb or index finger is placed on a reader, which then scans the structure of the print. Each time contracted employees clock in or out, they use their fingerprints. The scanner can recognize each print instantly, as well as any discrepancies.

Biometric scanning is especially helpful for controlling who can and cannot access restricted areas. Different levels of security can be assigned to different fingerprints. This eliminates the need for swipe cards, which can be easily lost or swapped.

Additionally, many of the best contract labor management software programs have geofencing capabilities. Geofencing is a mobile application that tracks the movement of workers through GPS features. Should a worker leave the site without authorization, a supervisor will know instantly and can get in contact with the worker. Moreover, with geofencing, supervisors can monitor workers on-site to make sure they are staying productive.

Workflow and completion reporting are also a great way to monitor productivity and hold contract workers accountable for their work. These applications assign responsibilities, processes and expectations to workers. Supervisors can even relay important project information through the software itself.

As a project progresses, contingent workers can register a task as completed. Then, supervisors can check the work. This allows managers to make sure nothing is overlooked while giving them the flexibility to oversee several projects at once.

Performance Review

If you want to hire promising contract workers for long-term work but are not sure how to evaluate workers fairly, contract labor management software can help by providing a detailed record of all contactors’ work habits. Those who show exceptional potential can be prioritized for rehire or continued employment. This information can be entered in a CLMS system for both current and future projects.

Invest in Your Project By Investing in Contract Labor Management Software

Bottom line: contract labor management software is a terrific tool for attracting and managing contingent workers so they can join your project and be an effective member of your team. Invest in your own contract labor management software today!

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