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CBSE Class 10 Maths Exam- Why and How You Must Study From NCERT Books?

Class 10 is the most important class for a student in senior secondary school. The marks and performance of the student determine his/her future. Class 10 marks help you decide the subject you will choose for 11th and 12th which is then likely to decide what you want to do in the future and where you want to go to college. 

Maths is a subject that is usually needed in most streams that you may choose in school and college. Quantitative aptitude and critical thinking are also important in preparing for competitive and many entrance exams. Getting the basics and fundamentals right in class 9th and 10th for maths is very important. Fundamentals taught in these classes form the base for most topics that are taught in 11th and 12th. It is crucial that students perform well in class 10 maths exams so that they do not find it difficult to keep up in higher classes. 

The NCERT textbook is the best book one could use for preparing for the exam. The book explains each concept in depth and follows it up with solved example questions for the student to understand. Most questions asked from the exam are exactly or similar to the ones in the textbook. The syllabus in the book is spread across 7 units namely- real numbers, algebra, coordinate geometry, geometry, trigonometry, mensuration, and statistics, and probability. These units together form 17 chapters in total as a part of the class 10 maths syllabus. 

The exam is for 80 marks. The question paper is divided into two units- Unit A and Unit B. There is an internal choice in questions within each unit. Questions asked in the exam are multiple-choice or one-word, short answer type, long answer type, and questions based on case studies. 

Tips on how to prepare for maths exam 

  • Practice from the NCERT book thoroughly. As stated before, the NCERT book has explained all the concepts in depth and given example questions for each concept to help explain it even better. The students should learn and practice all these examples from the book. Practice all the back exercises and any extra questions as well. The answers are always given at the end of the book to coss-check from. Practicing from the Vedantu NCERT maths class 10 pdf thoroughly will get you well versed with the syllabus and increase your confidence too. 
  • Prepare a timetable- In order to practice the whole book thoroughly, it is important that you have a time schedule in place. Divide time for all the units and then give each chapter in the unit time according to your preference. The preference should be in regard to which concept you feel is easy or tough for you. Each student has a different strength and weakness. Divide your time equally for all the chapters you think you know well and give a little extra time and attention to the topics that you think might need some extra practice. 
  • Practice and write down all the formulas- The NCERT book with the concept and example also illustrates all the formulas necessary. This is also done for all the graphs and diagrams in geometry. It is necessary that you memorise and understand them all by listing and writing them down. This will help you retain them better and also make it easier for you to revise right before the exam. Practice all your graphs and diagrams as well so that you do not make any errors in the exam. They are easy to score marks in. 
  • Sample papers- Practicing as much as possible is the best way to score good marks in Maths. Practicing sample papers or papers from previous years helps you in being familiar with the pattern of the exam, mark important questions and also assess the kind of questions to expect in the exam. Students practice papers and questions from papers of the last 5 to 10 years. Attempting sample papers can help you assess your performance and identify your strengths and weaknesses. You can focus on the topic which needs more practice after this. Practicing sample papers also helps you manage your time well and finish your exam in time. 
  • While attempting the exam, read all the questions carefully and do not skip any question. Attempt all the questions calmly. If you feel stuck at any question, move to the next one and come back to it. And if you feel that you do not know a question do not leave the space for it blank. Write whatever you might know or think is correct. You can even just write the formula for it. Writing something than leaving the space blank is always better as this fetches you a few marks instead of a zero. Make sure to never leave any questions. 
  • Present your paper well- Do not write your answers untidily. Make sure your diagrams and graphs are neat and labelled well. Underline or highlight all the formulas used. These things help your examiner mark the paper easily and better. 
  • During revision go through all the examples and questions in the NCERT completely. A lot of the questions can come directly from the NCERT textbook. Practice them once again and assess yourself. Clear any doubts that you might have. 
  • Write down all the formulas, theories, graphs again for revision. Writing will help you retain them better. As you are going through the formulas during revision a day or night before the exam, roughly write them down too so that you know them properly. 
  • Studying maths and practicing continuously can be taxing for the mind. It is important that you take regular breaks in between your study periods. You need full concentration and a fresh mind while studying maths. In order to do so, it is important that you allow yourself to take breaks. Come back refreshed and get back to studying. Figure out the time that suits you best and when you feel the freshest especially if you are starting a new chapter to learn. 

Following the above-mentioned tips and having confidence in yourself will help you score above 90% marks in your Class 10 maths exam. 

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