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Pokemon Go – First virtual game in the world

Pokémon Go has caused a huge sensation throughout the world, to some extent because it is one of the first games to feature for entertainment several of the most attractive technologies of our time: Geo location, virtual reality, and portable devices. The combination is certainly attractive, and perhaps even more so if we consider the emotional or nostalgic component of the game, important in the sentimental education of the millennial generation. You can visit this site for great valued level 50 pokemon go accounts if you are looking for the best company to get pokemon go and yugioh tcg accounts from.


In this fascination, however, you may lose sight of important issues regarding the game. For example, from a certain perspective, Pokémon Go is not just a game but the product of a specific company or at least clear purposes; the most essential of all is that it generates some kind of profit. If we add that in the digital era, one of the most sought after and a valued commodity is personal information from users, we can suspect what might be part of the business behind the game and you can buy Pokémon cards if you really love the game.

From the furore over Pokémon Go, some voices have tried to warn about the personal information that the developer of the app, Niantic, is gathering of enthusiastic people seduced by the game. In this regard, there are five basic data Niantic known of all its users:

  1. Email address
  2. IP address
  3. The Web page you visited just before logging into Pokémon go
  4. User name
  5. Geographic location

And there are others who can access if you check the privacy settings and connect a Pokémon Go from an Apple device (i.e., iOS) and Google using your account. If so, the app can access all Google products partners. And remember that access means the same for you as for an app: that you do when you walk into your Gmail -Check your mail, write one, delete others is the same that can make the app or whoever behind a screen permission and data to snoop on your Google account.

As it is announced, Niantic noticed this security flaw specifically for iOS, but that does not mean that it does not continue collecting the same data.

But even if the developer refused to have access to all this information, the same operation Pokémon Go are before the first app that can map with microscopic precision the daily routine of a person (and not only the place where he works and lives but the streets that he crosses, in which walking and using public transport which, what day is in what direction, etc.).

The question is how that information is used, and above all, who will use it.

When we talk about how to play it, the saving mode will cause the lower mobile screen to turn off. Thus, battery consumption will be much lower. In the latest update for Android and iOS, this feature has returned after a brief absence. Now, it promises to improve consumption significantly.

Just remember that the app must be open in the foreground. If you press the Home button and leave it in the background, or if you block your phone, you cannot capture any Pokémon. It is the best thing in your phone settings; configure the screen to remain active for as long as possible.

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