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Published on May 16th, 2021 | by Bibhuranjan


InnuOS ZEN Mk3 Music Server: The Most Advanced Music Streamer Server

If you really wish to have a true music experience, ZEN is the step towards it. It has outstanding dimensionality with unbelievable dynamics, besides being self-explanatory and gorgeous. Many audiophiles recommend it as the best home music server as it offers high-end sound quality and great value for money. Some exclusive features of ZEN MK III are:

  • It has a new custom Motherboard with reduced EMI.
  • It has asymmetrical isolation feet. It is inspired by the ZENith SE.
  • It involves the use of a Medical-grade mains filter.
  • It has ultra-low noise USB audio output.
  • It has dual Ethernet Ports for LAN and Streamer. These come with dedicated isolation transformers.
  • It comes with 8GB RAM with 4GB in-memory playback.
  • It has a dual-linear power supply with ultra-low noise regulators and Nichicon MUSE Capacitors.
  • It has a new Generation Quad-core Intel CPU

The Zen MK3 series has been designed to optimize music playback, for which the company has optimized three important areas. These include vibration reduction, minimizing power noise, and optimizing firmware.

INNOUS Operating System

You can easily manage the whole music library using a smartphone or a tablet. Apart from this, you can also perform much more such as ripping CDs, editing album data, importing music, and backing up your music library. You don’t need a PC for the same when you have home music servers. Some intelligent features of InnuOS let you organize your music library, such as one rule-based music import engine or assisted CD ripping mode.

Digital Music Import: InnOS performs all the hard work of importing music by logically analyzing the music files and applying several rules such as:

  • Organizing the music based on the quality of format, artist, and album
  • Adding metadata to WAV files depending on the folder structure
  • Removing long files names or illegal characters

You can easily import Wizards for existing libraries to import music from NAS, music servers, and USB Storage.

Music Library Management

You can easily browse your library and select that album that you want to update by directly editing your smartphone or tablet. Change the music cover, manage genres or delete the album; all have never been so easy. It has a special Quarantine area where you can place albums requiring special attention, which can be fixed before sending them into the music library. These albums include:

  • Albums with no metadata
  • Albums ripped offline
  • Ripped albums with damaged tracks
  • Potentially duplicate albums

After adding, deleting, or modifying music, the library is automatically updated and connected to UPnP Streamers or Sonos systems.

Automatic Music Server Management

You don’t need to figure out IP addresses to find your server. Simply go to the innuOS website to list all innuOS devices connected through the network and access the innuOS App from there. Remote updates with just a touch of a button are also possible. This has resulted in continuous improvements, which have also provided users with new functionalities, enhanced sound quality, and enriched customer experience. Automatic Backup of the music library can be set to either a USB backup drive or a NAS on the network.

Apart from servers, you can also choose the best audio DAC for a better music experience, especially for audiophiles looking forward to it!

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