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The Four Most Important Things You Need to Know About Web Hosting

Truth be told, most online entrepreneurs out there don’t care much about web hosting until something goes south with their website, web analytics, or email. Needless to say, it’s a rookie mistake as no one can afford the lack of performance or stability for their online business-related services.

Gone are the days when web hosting was simple and a bit geeky. Nowadays, web hosts are sophisticated businesses, and some of them are even dominating the market for decades now. Therefore, the industry of web hosting is a lot more responsible and complicated.

Most of us are simple web-hosting customers that host their websites, and we don’t trust a web hosting company for managing our website. By doing so, we may even fail as entrepreneurs and also ruin the entire business.

Any proactive online entrepreneur knows that web hosting services are worth paying for. If you’re an entry-level and still sit on the fence about getting or not a web hosting service, here are some important things to take into consideration:

  • Learn about the web hosting services you’re going to get

It’s typical for the World Wide Web era to use third-party automation tools (cPanel is one) that are so important for the expanding of the web hosting market.

Accelerated standardization in the industry means that a valuable service is going to help you through the basic operations, leading you in the proper direction when you need more advanced options or you have to upgrade. It’s also there for you when you have to use some specific services (a good WordPress hosting account is one example).

Most of the time, you should begin with the lowest-tier plan and upgrade the web hosting account as your data/traffic is growing.

Many web hosts offer the possibility to take in customers from a very affordable “shared hosting” plan up to the private/dedicated server.

  • Take a look at the web hosting infrastructure

Most hosting companies out there provide Window-based or Linux (Apache) servers for housing your files. Many of the customers are going to share space on the specific servers, but you can look into other options too.

Don’t hesitate to check The Hosting Institute for finding out almost everything there is to know about web hosting. gives you the chance to take a look at the comparison between best web hosting services, which helps you select easier later on. Make time to go over the many reviews of some of the best web hosting services at the moment so that you make the right choice for your website.

Go ahead and read about the dedicated servers, the virtual private servers, the virtual private networks (VPN) or the dedicated IP. They’re better choices for the medium and large-sized businesses.

Most respected web hosts go by the industry standards and best practices. If that’s the case for your web host, you shouldn’t stress about knowing all the technical details of web hosting.

It goes without saying that you don’t have to get the hosting account at the same place you buy and register the domain name. You can correctly buy the domain in one place and host the website with a different web hosting company.

  • Start small and be ready to grow

It’s safe to start with a basic, one-year plan with no sophisticated functions or programs. A Linux-based server is an excellent choice most of the time. If you have Window-specific requirements, you need to forget about Linux.

It’s better that you go with a package that is good for your e-mail marketing, security and e-commerce necessities.

Make an idea about your growth for both short and medium term, seeking for a plan that provides the same type of tiered increase, without needing you to upgrade soon.

We should also remind you that most web hosting companies have specialized sales team that is going to talk to you about your specific needs. They can recommend the right plan for your current level, without eliminating the possibility to upgrade the web hosting services in the future.

  • Web hosting customer service

From all the things that count on a web hosting company, customer service is one of the essential aspects to take in consideration when selecting.

As technology has become more and more standardized, web-hosting companies have to be able to accomplish customer care quality as well. You’re also a business owner, so you know how much customer service counts. The quality of customer service is increasing more and more, and it became a deal breaker/selling point, as opposed to price.

A hosting company that ensures 24/7 customer support is going to win, even if it’s pricier than its competitors. Forums, smart databases, ticketing systems count as well, but there’s no better selling point than knowing that someone is going to pick up the phone and come to the rescue in case of a websites emergency.

Some final thoughts

Web hosting is both complicated and straightforward. You can get it right with your web hosting even if it’s inexperienced or have a total mess with a professional web host.

It’s better than you ask around when selecting your web host, read the online reviews and make a good idea about the possibilities.

It’s wiser to go with a web hosting company that provides 24/7 customer support and handles your need as your online business is growing. It’s quite tempting to go with low-priced web hosting plans when you’re new in the online business, but you should upgrade the moment you get more website traffic. You cannot afford to lose customers because of the possible issues on your website.

Don’t forget that there is more than just one type of web host. Not only that you need to take a look at your budget, but you should also give a thought about the skills or the energy you have for handling this part of your business on your own.


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