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How to engage classroom in essay writing with 12 EdTech tools and apps

As teacher, your perspective changes, and you can sometimes forget how stressful and difficult school can be. If you try to put yourself into the shoes of your students, you’ll quickly remember back to your own school days and the mounting pressure that came along with each subsequent school year. Always remember that your class is not the only one your students are enrolled in, and whatever assignments you’re handing out for them to complete are just a fraction of the total projects they’re working on simultaneously.

Sometimes your students can use a bit of a helping hand and with the available online resources, they’ll be able to get that assistance, to relieve some of the pressures and succeed in their pursuits.


1. writing com

Inspire your students to better their writing, by getting the tips they’ll need to improve through using Writing.Com. It’s the premier online gathering place for writers to commune in a creative environment, surrounded by other writers and a slew of writing tools. Your students will have the opportunity to get feedback on their work from other writers in the online community.

2. Thesis Generator

2. Thesis Generator

If students are stumped when it comes to developing a viable thesis, the Thesis Generator can help them get past that first hurdle. They simply state the topic, their opinion, and some supporting ideas and opposing points, and a thesis will be created for them. This first step in the writing process can sometimes be the most difficult and is so important, because it’s the foundation that the entire essay will be built upon. So, it’s vital that students create the best thesis possible, and they’ll have that extra assistance with Thesis Generator.

3. BoomEssays

3. BoomEssays

Ease the stress brought on by endless writing assignments with a little extra help from BoomEssays. Whether or not you need urgent help with your projects, they’ll provide the professional, reliable writers to get the job done.

4. Read-Able

4. readable

Sometimes it can be hard to take a step back and look at your work critically. You’ve written it, so it makes sense in your head, but how easy is it for anyone else to understand? If the readability of your essay isn’t there, the content of your essay and the arguments you’ve made will all be lost, no matter how valid they are. Read-Able is a quick and easy test to check the readability of your essay. Have your students plug in their work, and they’ll see the level of readability before submitting anything to you.

5. The Grammar Gorillas

5. Grammar Gorillaz

Grammar can be the bane of some students existence – but it shouldn’t be! Have your students going bananas for proper grammar by showing  them that it can be both challenging and fun – if you can believe it. Make grammar interesting and fun for your students by using The Grammar Gorillas, an online game to teach beginner or advanced grammar. Properly identify the parts of speech, and your hungry gorillas get a banana.

6. Grammar Now!

6. Grammar Now

When your students are looking for help with grammar, punctuation or any writing skills, Grammar Now! is the right place for them to get the answers they need. Ask a question and get the answer – all for free. They’ll also be able to sign up to receive weekly grammar tips to help continue to improve their writing.

7. EssayRoo

7. EssayRoo

When the pressures of school are just too overwhelming, students can find relief through the Australian online writing service EssayRoo. Original, custom writing products are created by professionals in the field, personalized to the student’s needs.

8. Anti-Social

8. Anti-social

It’s so easy to get sidetracked when you’re working on the computer. A simple project can turn into hours of distracted writing – after all, you’ve got the entire internet, filled with endless distractions right at your fingertips. One quick email or social media check can somehow turn into an entire evening wasted, before you even realize what’s going on. Anti-Social is the solution your students need to stay focused, by blocking the biggest distractors. Identify which sites are the sidetrackers, and Anti-Social will keep you from accessing them. And, since you’ll have a great distraction-free writing session, you’ll get the work done quickly and have plenty of time for online social interaction when you’re done.

9. Vocaboly

9. Vocaboly

Students can build up their vocabulary through the online Vocaboly program, which helps them learn new words and understand their meaning. This online tool is made up of five books, which are filled with pronunciations, phonetic symbols and meanings. Students can also see the words used in sentences, so they can better understand their proper usage.

10. Essay Punch

10. EssayPunch

When you just aren’t able to give your students the in-depth individual attention that they sometimes need, Essay Punch can be your extra support. It can help guide your students through the essay writing process, when you’re unable to, and it’ll help get them over the hump of writer’s block using prompting tools. Not only does Essay Punch act as your backup, but you’ll also be able to track your student’s work using it and give them feedback.

11. Six Great Ways to Search the Web

11. Six Great Ways to Search the Web

Following this guide, students can learn how to properly search the internet for the information and resources they need. The internet is filled with endless information, but finding it can sometimes be tricky. Having the ability to locate the information you need will not only give you them the resources to properly complete their projects, but will also save them valuable time and help them get things done faster.

12. EssayTagger

12. EssayTagger

Evaluating essays can sometimes be difficult, when it comes to distancing your opinions and biases from the thoughts you’re reading. Through EssayTagger, teachers are able to get unbiased assistance in evaluating essays, giving students objective feedback. It makes grading much easier for teachers, and gives students a more unbiased review of their work – it’s a win-win!

Students sometimes need a little assistance with the seemingly endless amount of assignments they’re given throughout the school year. There are so many great online resources for students to turn to for different levels of help – from spelling support to complete professional writing services. Being aware of these tools can help students succeed in their academic pursuits and build on their skills for the future.


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