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What is Rack PDU and Why is it important?

Rack PDU or Rack Power Distribution Units are the last links of the power chain. It ensures the delivery of critical power to IT loads. Rack PDU is used in power distribution to all types of IT equipment in a data center. The rack PDU doesn’t process power, but it distributes power from the available power source. In a data centre environment, the rack PDU gets connected to an upstream Power Distribution Unit. The rack PDU can manage, monitor, and control the power consumption of many devices in the data centre environments. It can distribute huge amounts of electricity, and it is accessible through the local network or remotely as well. It helps to fulfil the ever-changing needs of a data center.

Why is rack PDU important to have?

Presently, data centers are facing more issues than before. Therefore, they can’t even fulfil their business needs. But data centers need to make utmost use of power, space, and people. And Rack Power Distribution is something that can solve all the issues. However, basic PDUs retail for less, but the advanced features of the upgraded rack PDUs ensure additional value. Though these rack PDUs are a bit costly, they are cost-effective in the long run. Now, let’s have a look at the importance of rack PDU or Rack Power Distribution Unit.

1. Rack PDU increases the reliability of an IT installation

Sophisticated power infrastructures are designed to safeguard against unplanned downtime, and data loss can cause risk with a simple accidental plug disconnect. To deal with such an issue, some rack PDU suppliers offer a plug retention feature. Such a feature doesn’t require any extra space and ensures the utmost reliability as well.

2. Pack PDU helps in power monitoring

A rack PDU helps to monitor the power consumption. As the data centers run costly servers, it is important to identify the power consumption at the inlet, outlet, and circuit breaker levels. Inlet metering helps to determine the entire server power usage and availability at the rack. Outlet metering helps to understand the power consumption of a particular server or device. And, circuit breaker metering provides previous warnings if any circuit becomes heavily loaded and there is any risk of tripping. Proper metering helps to simplify the load balancing and discloses where there is spare power capacity.

3. Rack PDU ensures physical and network security

With passwords, customizable SSL certificates, and configurable firewalls, Rack Power Distribution Units can serve as a launching pad for extended functionality. It helps to protect the data. Besides, it supports several physical security measures like combating internal threats and webcams and intelligent door locks, outside forces with firewalls. Thus rPDU helps to keep the data center secure.

4. Rack PDU helps in environment management

By connecting Raritan’s plug-and-play smart sensors into a Rack PDU, the PDU can detect the environmental conditions. It can monitor the humidity, temperature, air pressure, airflow, vibration, proximity, and water leaks. It also allows monitoring the environment around the critical IT assets. You can set thresholds and configure alerts to maintain a safe environment. It will keep you aware of what is happening in your data center, even in your absence also.

5. Simplify the rack setup and management

When it is about setup and management of complicated IT hardware, data centers have to be pragmatic. Having the most flexible management is essential to commission existing or new PDUs. It ensures that the power distribution will be cost-effective and reliable. With the improvements of technology, rPDUs offer a lot of solutions to simplify the rack setup and management of a huge amount of PDUs. It not only saves your time but also ensures the utmost convenience.

6. Rack PDUs are flexible and convenient

The best advantage of rack power distribution units is that they are easy to install. These units offer you the choice of mounting positions. The rack PDUs are robust in structure and lightweight as well. The aluminium chassis helps to distribute the heat efficiently and ensures outstanding ground conductivity.


Power Distribution is the essential factor of every data center. A small power cut can disable the data center completely. It may even cause a loss of millions of pounds in revenue. Therefore, the rack power distribution unit should be the topmost priority for a data center. Here, we have mentioned some of the benefits that rPDUs offer. So, install the best rack power distribution unit ASAP and get its utmost benefits.

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