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Top Apps for Freelance Work on PC

The Internet is filled with a huge number of different applications for remote work. Starting with messengers, ending with complex applications for workflow management and CRM for freelancers.

Almost every experienced freelancer has experience in working with a wide range of software and digital services that optimize communication with clients and allow you to keep abreast of the workflow from anywhere in the world. Each freelance app has its own advantages. All of them differ in their capabilities — even the most traditional Windows apps for freelancers — so in the article we divided the best freelance applications into several main categories.

Payment and Billing

To get paid for services, you need to invoice clients. For this, you need to show, what hours were spent on particular tasks and how much money should be paid for each of them and in a complex. You don’t want the client to have any questions or the hair stand on end when he sees what and how much he needs to pay for.

There were many services to automate and simplify the billing process. Most of them greatly facilitate workflow but require regular payments. For freelancers with a minimum budget, it’s recommended to use two free services:

  • Waveapps. A convenient application that helps to create and send professionally drawn up invoices to a couple of clicks. It allows you to monitor the status of your accounts and incoming money so that you can know when the next payment will arrive. It tracks not only your profits but also expenses in the form of convenient graphical reports. One of the best freelance apps for billing;
  • Zoho Invoice. Zoho has established itself as a major player in the productivity market with a huge set of CRM for freelancers tools, project management, and collaboration. Zoho Invoice integrates seamlessly with other Zoho products but also works great as a standalone product. It has a free plan for one user with no more than five clients. Ideal for a beginner freelancer who has not yet developed a large client base;

Workflow Management

If at the very beginning of work as a freelancer the main task is to find regular customers, then experienced specialists already have the task of correctly distributing time between different projects. And here we will already need multifunctional and flexible in setting up applications for managing many projects at the same time. The most convenient and useful among free apps for freelance work are:

  • Freedcamp. One of the forks of the famous Basecamp software. The time-tracking application allows you to create an unlimited number of timelines for different projects, complementing them with nice-looking infographics. The program features include the creation of project templates for quick task management and participation of clients in the project discussion. The app has customizable notifications that can be associated with email. The application’s functionality also includes a chat for online communication of employees, a customizable database of company information and a message board. Very convenient applications not only for managing tasks and sharing responsibilities between employees, but also for maintaining lively communication and a comfortable atmosphere in the company. One of the best freelance apps due to the flexibility of settings and functionality;
  • Asana. It has an extended range of settings for monitoring and time tracking. Software is free for development teams up to 15 people, so for small startups, this application will be a real treasure. The application’s functionality includes the creation of detailed client profiles, the management of a huge number of tasks at the same time, and stylish interface design. Convenience and attractiveness of the application interface make it one of the favorites in its field. Interface icons do not burden the eyes with unnecessary information, demonstrate full adaptability and provide access to intuitively understandable infographics. Detailed statistics for each employee and department guarantee the effective work of managers. There are several frameworks available for Asana with different themes and screensavers.

Data Storage

Freelancers are mostly characterized by mobility. They can work not only from their home PC or laptop, and use not only Windows apps for freelancers. Therefore, it is important to know about services that allow you to store data in your cloud.

  • Dropbox. This is one of the best digital online services for storing and transmitting documents. It allows you to store about two gigabytes of files in the cloud completely free. But you can get another 16 gigabytes of storage space if you invite your friends to register. Dropbox provides synchronization of all users’ devices, which allows you to access files from both a laptop and a smartphone. You no longer have to send emails with files to yourself. Dropbox is a very popular freelance app currently;
  • Evernote. A flexible and fully customizable online platform. Evernote is the most convenient service when it comes to remembering important information that could be useful. Leave notes on your desktop or in mobile applications, redirect your letters or use the special Web Clipper, which helps you save web pages, screenshots and everything else that you find important while surfing the Internet.


Every advanced freelancer requires CRM to keep in touch with customers. Modern CRM for freelancers provides not only the widest list of functions for maintaining a dialogue with customers through correspondence. Mostly, the list of CRM functions includes client profiles management with broad features for creating a detailed customer database, integration with popular instant messengers, and contain precise workflow analytics.

  • Insightly. Most CRMs are either bulky or too expensive for personal use. The Insightly app is free from these shortcomings. Firstly, it is customizable and integrates with other freelance applications. Secondly, even if you have a free version, you can have more than 2,500 contacts;
  • CapsuleCRM. Capsule is a very pretty CRM that provides a complete overview of all your contacts. It also allows you to build communicating with customers by creating tasks, reports, and notifications. A customizable convenient digital service with wide possibilities to adapt it for any type of work or business. Provides a free plan for 250 contacts;
  • Streak. A very useful tool if you cannot do it without Gmail. Streak integrates directly into your Gmail account, so you can check incoming correspondence with many clients without the need to switch the platform. At the moment, the service is completely free for personal use.

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