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Caring About The Environment Is Good For Business

April is the month where Americans celebrate Earth Day each year. It has been a tradition for more than 40 years now and is a great time to think about ways your business can help foster a healthier environment. To ensure our planet stays in good shape for future generations, it is important for everyone to play their part now in taking care of the earth. The holiday is a time to inspire appreciation and awareness for our environment and remind everyone there are ways to live a “greener” existence for the health of our planet. Businesses are no exception to this.

While the cost of doing business keeps going up, working towards going green can be great for your business and the environment. For many businesses, going green is a smart move. There are many ways businesses can adopt environmentally-friendly practices that will benefit the company. Going green is a great way to control costs, become more socially responsible and attract new customers that appreciate businesses that care about the planet.

Implementing green practices, such as using custom solar software for your business’ energy usage, can help your business boost productivity, efficiency and grow your bottom line. Many business owners are hesitant to take steps towards being environmentally friendly because they think it will be difficult and require a lot of initial costs. However, it is easier than you might think and many businesses are able to get tax credits and other help to get started.

Organizations To Help Businesses Go Green

There are many organizations a business can partner with to aid them in becoming more environmentally friendly. Climate Leaders, a government-sponsored organization, works with business owners to develop a strategic climate change strategy. Together, the owner and organization will commit to finding ways to reduce the impact the business has on the environment by measuring their greenhouse gas emissions and establishing a baseline. Once inventory is taken, goals will be set and annual progress reports will be sent to the EPA for evaluation.

Utilizing Help From Local Utility Company

Aside from government organizations, businesses may contact their local utility companies for help. They can work with your company to assess your energy usage and find ways to reduce those amounts and earn incentives for doing so.

Tips For Making Your Business Greener

Reduce Cost Of Energy Consumption

There are many ways businesses can help reduce the amount of energy they use on a daily basis. One consideration to implement is turning off your equipment and lights when they are not being used. You can install automatic timers or motion sensors for your lighting needs. This ensures your lights and equipment will only be used when needed.

Your business can also reduce the amount of energy used by adjusting the thermostat or turning your temperature up or off while the business is closed. Installing energy-efficient products can also help reduce your overall energy usage. Consider using high-efficiency light bulbs, low-flow water faucets and products which have the Energy Star label on them.

Use Green Products

Another way to make your business more green is by seeking to eliminate the use of any products that are toxic or not environmentally friendly. Work towards replacing any of these products with a green alternative. Some products to consider switching to is furniture made with recycled materials, biodegradable cups and plates and environmentally friendly cleaning products and hand soaps.


One of the best ways to make your business more environmentally friendly is through recycling. Consider implementing a recycling program for your electronic waste and general refuse. Old and broken electronic devices take up a lot of space in landfills. Consider using recycled products and supplies to run your business.

These are just a few of the eco-friendly practices your business can consider implementing. Every little change made can add up overall. Running an environmentally friendly business will save you money, save the planet and create happier customers.

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