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7 Innovations that Have Changed Home Security


The emergence of technology has altered how we secure our houses. At one time, it was considered a dream or an impossibility to come up with the security gadgets that we have now. Nowadays, it has become easy to use technology to secure your home. Most people wonder how they use smart home technology to enhance their home security. Well, here is how:

Smart Home Technologies

1. Remote Monitoring

If you are at work or outside the house, remote monitoring is the best way of checking up on your home. Even if you travel to a different country, you can receive real-time images and videos of your home and see what is going on. Using your remote monitoring system, you can arm or disarm your security system and send fire alerts.

2. Smart Door Locks

Smart locks have become one of the most used smart home security feature. These locks can know when you are around using bluetooth on your mobile phone. Therefore, you can easily unlock your door. Some digital smart door locks can be connected to the home’s security system and alert other devices like the thermostat to turn off when you are not around. As a result, the energy-saving mode is activated. As much as the bluetooth locks are efficient, it is better to invest in Wi-Fi locks because they have more functionality like the ability to check if your door is safeguarded. However, the fact that Wi-Fi locks require internet connectivity to function makes them vulnerable to hackers.

3. Home Sensors

Many security devices in the market can check your presence and automatically open or close a door for you. On the other hand, home sensors can be fixed to windows and doors. They use waves and winks to ascertain your identity easily. You can control your home sensor using a smartphone or tablet. When someone who is armed enters your premise, your home sensor alerts by sending a text or email. Therefore, if anyone tries to break into your home, you get notified instantly.

4. Smart Garage Systems

It has become so easy to control your garage due to the emergence of smart garage systems. The garage system works by connecting a networking adapter into your router for proper registration of the unit. Once it is registered, you can use an Android or iOS to open and close the garage door whenever you are at home. If you need something from the garage, you can lift the entrance from wherever you are for someone else to enter. Additionally, the system allows you to check how long your garage door stayed open. If you have any kids in your home, using the smart garage system helps you protect them from any accidents in the garage.

5. Fingerprint Scanners

A decade ago, fingerprint scanning was a fantasy that seemed unachievable. Nowadays, any smart networking device can allow you to enjoy fingerprint scanning. Most people are making use of fingerprint door locks to secure their homes. Since it is a growing technology, you should expect new advancements with time.

6. Advanced Cameras

Security cams have become cheap, easy to add to your home, and intelligent. Since the cameras have Wi-Fi capability, you can stream and watch all the activities going on in your home in real time. If you feel like you need to review the videos later, you can store them in a cloud.

7. Full Home Automation System

As long as you have your smartphone or tablet, you can control the locks, cameras, and lights in your home from a different location. Therefore, if you feel like you need to save energy while you are away, you can turn off some things until you come back.


Technology has changed how people look at things. Security is an essential factor in all homes. Therefore, embrace smart home technology, and you can be guaranteed that your home can be safe even in your absence.

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