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Top 5 Meeting Room For Rent in New York

A company or business will be successful when all the members are on board. Everybody needs to reach a consensus and make a solid plan to propel the company to better heights. Such planning is possible when all the members meet in a room and conduct a thorough discussion. Yes, the meeting is the key.

You, as the owner of a company, know how important it is to conduct meetings. Consequently, at times it becomes difficult to find a suitable place to do the same. Such circumstances call for a better alternative, i.e. hiring a meeting or conference room for rent. The meeting rooms for rent in Manhattan are famous for their state-of-the-art design, furniture, and efficient features. Such places are cozy and comfortable, with its advocated boon of privacy. Thus, you can conduct business meetings in the best way possible, with all the necessary facilities at hand.

Following are the top five meeting rooms for rent In Manhattan, New York that will give you the perfect place to give birth to new ideas;

  • Chelsea Meeting Room Space

Located in New York, the Chelsea meeting room space is an excellent option for businesses to conduct meetings behind closed doors. You can rent a meeting room on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis, as per your requirements. The authorities clean the place in the best possible way to make it safe for the people. They execute the disinfecting procedure as per the local Covid norms. The hosts of the meetings have to play their parts in the cleaning procedure, where they install handwashes and hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol. The capacity and space in the room are as per the government guidelines, with the attendees equipped with face masks and shields. The meeting rooms include kitchen, restrooms, projectors, screen, chairs, table, free WiFi and many more.

  • SoHo Beautiful Meeting Room

The second on this list is none other than the SoHo meeting room located in New York. When you book this meeting room, you get the following facilities- tables, chairs, WiFi, projector, screen, coffee, monitor, printer, conference phone, etc . restrooms and wheelchairs are available for the disabled, with a parking area to park your vehicles.

The organizers ensure that the rooms are clean and disinfected as per the Covid guidelines. The attendees are to wear a face mask and keep sanitizers in hand. Handwashes and sanitizers would be present anyways.

  • Upper West Side Conference Room

The Upper West Side Conference Room finds itself at the heart of Manhattan, within walking distance from Columbus circle and central par. The room is perfect for an attendee strength of eight people who can materialize a productive meeting. WIFI features, flip charts, screen, projector, table, chair, etc., make the meeting convenient to conduct. Here the coffee will help the attendees relax, along with the facility of restrooms and wheelchair locomotive. You will find it to be a clean place, disinfected as per covid norms. Sanitizers and handwashes will be present for personal use.

  • Suite 704E

Are you looking for a space where you can hold a one-on-one meeting with your client? Suite 704E is a perfect location where 5th Avenue and E30th Street cross paths. The room is perfect for two people, where you can project your plans to convince your client. The table, chairs, projector, whiteboard, printer, etc., will equip you with all the facilities to succeed in your endeavour. Coffee is available for both you and your client, along with a kitchen and a restroom. The parking lot allows the parking of cars with tight security.

  • Large Meeting Room In Times Square

Looking for a meeting room with a large capacity in Manhattan? It is your perfect choice as it can hold 52 people simultaneously, with 28 on the table and 24 on the sides. To conduct a successful meeting, you get all the modern amenities like wifi, table, chair, whiteboard, projector, computer, etc. Two companies can meet in such a place and strike a deal amidst good comfort.

Above are the best five meeting rooms in New York that you can decide on. All of them are clean and disinfected for safe usage. Give your company a boost by hosting meetings at a place of your choosing.

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