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Top 5 Reasons Why Solar Street Light Poles Should Go Mainstream in 2019

The world is at the crossroads of an energy crisis. The burgeoning pressure of ever-increasing population and fast depleting non-renewable energy sources is bringing the world to a severe energy crunch. Switching to alternative and renewable energy sources is the need of the hour. One such natural alternative, the perfect source of keeping the world illuminated is solar energy. A natural, clean and replenishable form of energy, it is time to go solar indoors and outdoors. Global trends indicate that “18-38% of the total energy bill is that of street lighting”. This trend highlights the need for improving energy efficiency. The best way to deal with this global energy crisis and to reduce the energy bill is to go for solar pole lights.

Before knowing about its many benefits, here is a brief insight into its prominent features and working.

Solar Street Light Poles

A solar street light pole features embedded solar panel, built-in Lithium-ion batteries, night and motion sensors and automatic controls. It is this integrated solar panel, which converts solar power into electrical energy, and stores it in the built-in battery. This stored battery illuminates the street from dusk to dawn. Besides, it also comes equipped with a battery management system with night and motion sensors for efficient energy management.

These smart solar street light poles are the solution for energy crisis and cost-effective street lighting solution.

Why Switch to Solar Street Light Poles?

Here are some of the reasons why going solar is the best solution.

  • Environment-Friendly: A natural and renewable form of energy, going for solar street light pole means an environment-friendly way of illumination. Unlike, the traditional street lighting, the solar street light poles do not rely on grid supply, which consumes non-renewable fossil fuel that adds to the pollution level. So, going solar will protect the environment.
  • Cost-Effective: Running on a natural source of energy, there will be no ongoing electricity bills. Besides, even the operational cost is minimal making it a cost-effective proposition. The solar street light poles are an almost zero maintenance, one-time investment.
  • No Cabling Complications, Safe & Simple: The traditional street lighting project involved cable ditch digging, pipe laying and more. However, the solar pole lights set-up works independent of the utility company. So, there is no requirement for cabling. A complete wireless set-up, these lights reduce the risk of overheating, strangulation and electrocution.
  • No Interdependency: A grid failure or power cut will no longer affect the street lighting. Working independently, the street lights will keep running all night long with this independent power generating system.
  • Easy Maintenance & Built-in Control: Equipped with an intelligent control system, these solar lighting mechanisms do not require any manual operation. Moreover, it is a one-time investment that will keep the streets illuminated for years to come.

If you are looking for such solar street light pole manufacturer, then rely on the industry leader Utkarsh India. Robust engineering and design of their solar poles stand the test of time. Undergoing a 7-tank galvanising process, they will not appear worn out even after years. The solar poles by Utkarsh India also stand tall against adhesion. Once installed, they will grace city and highway roads for years to come.

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