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Should you avoid free VPN services?

A VPN is a interesting topic. For those of you that don’t know what a VPN is, it is a way to be safer online and also avoid geo restrictions. With a VPN program you can connect to multiple servers around the world. When you are connected to another server, other people on the internet will not see your IP address. They will think that the traffic is coming from the server you are connected to, and not from you.

Because of this your internet traffic will be hidden. That way you secure yourself from surveillance, hacker attacks and so on. VPN is basically one of the most effective ways you can use to enhance your internet security.

When you choose to download a VPN service you basically have two choices. It exist extremely many VPN services around the world. The biggest differences between these is that some are paid and some are free.

Most of us naturally want to choose among the free VPN services. But is this such a good idea? Much have been written about free VPN services lately. Basicly many people say that you should avoid most of the free VPN services. The reason for this is that people have found indications that many free VPN services are selling information about their users to earn money.

The reason people think this is because of the policy information you have to agree on when you download the different services. The website thebestvpn has gone through a lot of different user policies in this article. They have found that well known free VPN services like Hola, Betternet, Opera VPN, Hotshot Shield and others probably share information about their users.

In the user policies of HolaVPN it says for example that «We may share anonymous information with third parties» and «we may share your email with our marketing partners.» In Betternets policies it says for example that “Advertisers may also place cookies in your browser that may allow them to collect certain information about your browsing history”. This is the same for multiple other free VPN services.

Basically these types of free VPN providers make money by selling and sharing your data with advertisers, and also displaying targeted ads when you browse websites while you use their app.

Also, many internet experts have lately found out that many of the most popular VPN services are owned by companies based in China. This is off course not a good sign in regards to tracking and log policy, as we all know Chinese based companies probably keep logs and also may be controlled by the government.

All of this information has obviously not been beneficial for the free VPN services. Many internet influencers has warned others about free VPN services. Many people has also switched VPN provider after this information got public. Some government are also taking action, considering legislating free VPN services to enhance their citizens’ security.

So should you use a free VPN? Even though the information above is not very positive, it still exist some free VPN services that may not be so terrible in regards to log policy. This is for example VPN services like WindScribe. Here you can also read about how you can use GooseVPN, NordVPN and other paid VPNs free for a month in Sweden. Basically, some paid VPN services offer a one month trial, so by just signing up with new e-mails every month you can basically never pay.

This article it is only written for Swedish people in Swedish, but the concept is the same in other countries. By signing up with a free trial with VPN services like GooseVPN and NordVPN you can basically have a paid VPN service for free forever.

Another trick is to use the 30 day money back guarantee trick. Most of the paid VPN services has a 30 day money back guarantee, and it exists around 50 of such VPN services. So basically you can just pay and ask for your money back after 29 days, and then do the same with all of the other VPN providers. Then you will never have to pay. This is a bit questionable practice though. The paid VPN services are not so expensive anyway.

So what are our advice? Just choose a paid VPN and pay for it in the regular way. In this way you don’t have to be scared of someone logging you, and you can also have the same VPN provider and get used to it. Keep in mind that paid VPN services are not that expensive either. Whatever you choose we wish you luck.

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