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Lanmodo 1080P Full Color Image Night Vision System Review – Your Best Night Driving Safety Assistant

According to a report by WHO, car accidents are the cause of 1.35 million deaths globally in 2018, and half of these casualties occur for Cars, as compared to other vehicles of commute.

I am a decent driver, but about a year back I had a really bad experience, someone from my family had an accident while driving the car at night and when asked why, he said it was due to bad visibility.

I return from work late night as I work in the second shift, and I was looking for a good color night vision system since a while, which could make my commute back home easier and safer.

There are Night Vision Systems in the market which are black and white, and do not provide a high-resolution image of the road to the driver. After a lot of research I found Lanmodo 1080P full color image night vision system.


I did not think twice before buying it, and have not regretted the decision of affixing my car with the Night Vision system. It is exactly the device that I was looking for as it provides a colored image of the road in a resolution of 1080P, and makes safe driving, which has recently become high priority for me, much easier.

Reason to Buy

I brought the Lanmodo 1080P Full Color Image Night Vision System because of the experience I have shared above, about someone in the family meeting with a bad accident because of bad visibility. In the past, I have been a rash driver and I did not care much about safety back then – but now I have people to care for and a responsibility – because of which I thought it is better to be safe rather than sorry.

First Impressions

Firstly, the packaging of the device was really nice. The Lanmodo Night Vision device has a 8.2 inch screen display that sits on your car’s dashboard and makes your vision, even during the night, as clear as broad daylight.
It took me no time to adjust to it, and it was easy to set up. I fixed it on to the non-slip mat and then attached the mat to the dashboard. I then connected the night vision system to the OBD adapter with its cable.


Lanmodo NVS – A Life Saver

As my work demands late night works so I had to drive back home in dark night. The route is also not well lit. So, I had to drive slowly to avoid any risk. But after installing Lanmodo NVS in my car, I feel safer now. It has amazingly increased the visibility.

Also, the area where I stay gets a lot of fog in the months of December and January, and I was a little apprehensive about the Lanmodo night vision system working in such conditions. But I was to be proved wrong.
There were times when I could see nothing from on the roads and peeking into the Lanmodo night vision screen on the dashboard of my car made my commute possible. There are also sudden bends and curves in the route, but here again Lanmodo proved to be a life saver by providing a visibility of up to 300m.


During rain, the system does not malfunction in the slightest and it was superb how the system made my life a lot easier, again.

Now I can go safely go on late night long drives with my family, thanks to Lanmodo.


  • Easy to set up and easier to use
  • Functions with total accuracy during the night
  • Clear vision in foggy conditions, or on rainy days
  • The system has a wide-angle vision
  • Night vision distance extends up to 300m
  • The device shows a full color image of the road on
  • Low maintenance


I have been using the product for over two months now, have not found any malfunctions or issues with it.
Therefore, I have no cons to list.

Is It for You?

I would say, that I am proud of my decision to buy the Lanmodo 1080P Full Color Automotive Image Night Vision System because now we, myself and my family, are safe when I am driving because of better visibility, even in bad conditions like heavy rain or dense fog.

We all have people we care about, and I bought a car for my Parents a couple of months back, with a Lanmodo Night Vision installed on the first day.
The product can be used by you, and can also be a gift for your family for whom you care.

Is it compatible with every Car?

A question I was worried about too when I was researching on the product. To clear the confusion, the product is for all car types in the market, and is easily compatible with any car on the road.

Is it User Friendly?

The product is easy to use for all age groups, without any complicated controls to master or understand.
It is completely safe to use, and does not create any issues with the cars’ performance metrics.

The rear and front view can be easily viewed by pressing the button on the Lanmodo night vision system. Also, the night vision cam will automatically change to rear view once the camera is attached to the reversing lamp.


It is a high-quality product that has not created an issue with my car or my driving since the last year, and I have faced no issue with its performance at all.
It does so much, and I barely realize that it is an added accessory, not a part of the Car I bought.

Also, the night rear view camera is waterproof and functions pretty well on rainy days.

In-built night vision systems have black and white display and have a resolution of 480P, they have less vision angle (about 18 degree/30 degree) and infrared type is also passive. The cost of an inbuilt night vision system is around $2500.

In comparison, the Lanmodo Night Vision system has a full color display and a resolution of 1080p. Its vision angle is 36 degree and the infrared type is active.
It cost price in the market is around $499-$599, much less as compared to an in-built system.


My experience of using the device has been exemplary, and I would recommend the product to everyone who is reading this.
I have avoided bad accidents with people crossing the roads at night on a dimly lit road, and many a times have my wife and my parents had instances which would not have been avoided had it not been for the Lanmodo1080P Full Color Image Night Vision system.

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