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Published on January 3rd, 2019 | by Sunit Nandi


On the Benefits of Incorporating Technology in Music Education

How technologies were being used in a music classroom

Today we will talk about a very interesting topic that is connected not to the lesson that is not very popular in scientific researchers: technologies and music. Under “not very popular” we mean, that there aren’t lots of apps and things, which will allow you to know music better, but several that are the best on this field will be presented later in this article. After reading the title, you can’t just stop thinking about your own lessons of music. What did we all have? A teacher who was playing the piano when the students were coming into her/his classroom, like a route march; the one who taught you some classical music of your country, and forced each student to come into the middle of the classroom and sing. It seemed to be a hell, isn’t it? By the way, if your coursework still seems to be a hell for you, don’t hesitate to turn to our site and get the best one in short terms.


Coming back to the main question, the easiest and the most precise answer on the question you see on the top is–“IN NO WAY”. Really, we didn’t have at least 10% of all those things that surround today’s kids.

Honestly, we can’t assume that kids of the 21st century are better. We can even take pity on them. Nowadays children are less stress-resistant then we were and are now. Moreover, we can say that those Music lessons made us heroes in our own eyes. Standing and looking at the class full of mockers is one of the things why we all used to wake up in a cold sweat at nights till Music lessons ended.

Anyway, lessons with technologies are getting much better, and we can’t keep silent about it anymore. Kids of the 21st century were born in the right period.


What is happening with technologies on music lessons today?

According to the last researchers, teachers of music changed their attitude and started to be very good users of high-tech technologies.

  • More than 75% of teachers fully agree and support the use of technologies on the lessons. Moreover, they expand the curriculum. Also, they suggest that modern technologies motivate students to learn, as it is one more idea to use the telephone more, and take it to hands. In addition, it motivates students to respond to a variety of learning styles.
  • But in contrast, only 11% of teachers use an interactive table, and almost 60% still uses the whiteboard which is extremely not good on the lessons where you teach Music.
  • 40% of professors started and successfully continue to use tablets and e-readers. Hearts are getting to be full of warmth and love when we see that teachers of Music are teaching not with papers, but with cool gadgets.
  • The most interesting is that teachers started to use their gadgets not just to play, or surf the Net, as any other person does, but also to keep lessons online there, sharing with other? Thus, students can get to know what will be the next topic, and how to get prepared for it.
  • Almost 40% of teachers know different cool apps where students can create even his / her own song and show it to the public. It is huge! Show me any other teacher, for example, of Geography who knows the same?
  • And the last but not least–teachers use technologies to make a music production studio – including composition, rehearsal, recording, editing, distributing and lots more.

Apps that will help you to develop the level of your learning

All those tables, boards, and other devices increase the level of students’ engagement and the desire to learn more. As a result, they become more interested, and the results appear to be much better.

Here we leave several apps that are really exciting for a person who is obsessed with music like we are.

  • Ear Trainer is probably the worst thing for students. They almost hate teaching this skill as it seems to be very boring for them. Perfect Ear is one of the apps that will help you make this process more pleasant. Moreover, it is available on iOS and Android, so no matter what Smartphone you have, it will work on it. Also, as a teacher, you will have online access to this app’s results that is why you will know student’s results even sitting at home with hot tea and cupcake.
    What is covered there? Well, everything: note names, intervals, chords, rhythms, key signatures and scales. Also, there is a very good test, so you can find the best student with the best result and honor his efforts. Believe us; with this app, you will enjoy the process of ear training.
  • SoundCloud– You can even get to know what this app is about after its name. A lot of schools use SoundCloud to provide resources to music students and ensemble members. Moreover, this app is free to use, and the student can access the music you download and upload wherever you and they are. Isn’t it awesome? You upload, says what the home task is, and they do it at home practicing the new song very fast.
    You are allowed to download your own results for your teacher. Of course, you can’t download a video. But come on, you have YouTube for those things; there you can even become a blogger.
  • forScore – store all your music in this library.
  • Real Piano Pro or – are good places to play a full 88-key piano like on a real one. These apps are full of songs that your students will definitely like. They are also free to sign up, but if you don’t pay as a subscriber, you will have only a few free songs. But it has only advantages; you don’t need to understand any hard buttons like some music apps. The interface is very simple and includes only important information.
  • Guitar Lab – here you can get video lessons. This app is similar to the previous one, the only advantage–you study how to play the guitar. Easy to use and to understand.

To sum it up, we are really happy to assume, that the world isn’t standing at the one place. It is developing and growing very fast. So, let’s not miss the opportunity to know and use as fast as we can.

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