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How to Hire React Native Contractor: Step-by-step Guide for Executives

In the ever-expanding sphere of building mobile apps, finding the best developers to tackle upcoming projects is a must. Executives that look to outsource projects to contractors must get an overview of how the process is done. But hiring a React Native contractor can be rather difficult. This is, even more, the case if the framework is quite unfamiliar to you.

So that’s why we’re here to give you a step-by-step guide on how to do that. With all that out of the way, let’s begin.

React Native Development Main Features

First things first, you have to get a better feel for what React Native is. At its core, the framework allows you to build apps for both Android and iOS. The structure of the framework makes it highly popular in the sphere since it is built on the JavaScript library. 

A core feature is its cross-platform capabilities. This simply means that it works for both iOS and Android. While no doubt this is the main feature of React Native, there are others as well. These include using real-time location and access to a device’s camera. The strength of the framework makes it possible to modify applications to use these two features.

React Native Contractor Must-Have Skills

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s look at what skills are considered a must-have for React Native contractors. In this section, we will go over both hard and soft skills that every contractor needs. So, let’s begin.

React Native Contractor Hard Skills

When we look at beginners and experts, it is having outstanding technical knowledge that separates both. During the hiring process, you must find out if the candidate has any of the following hard skills.

JavaScript Knowledge

Since React Native is based on the JavaScript library, having excellent JavaScript knowledge is a must! This is probably the most important hard skill for a contractor to have. Cross-platform functionality is especially important when developing mobile apps, and JavaScript is a language that allows that. The right React Native contractor should know how JavaScript works, how components are built, how the language is structured, and more. Having an in-depth knowledge of this particular programming language is essential.

Be Familiar With Android and IOS Development

Since we’re talking about hiring a candidate to build apps for two different operating systems, understanding how both OSs work is yet another important skill to have. The right React Native contractor must understand the core differences between both, how apps are designed on both OSs, and generally understand the development process for both. Considering that we’re talking about operating systems worlds apart, the right contractor must also be familiar with cross-device integration; another main feature of React Native. The main languages that enable that are Swift and Objective-C. 

Clear Coding

Being able to write clear code is very difficult. While many would say otherwise, the right React Native contractor should write clear code so that even executives can read it. Having a readable source code is something that separates professionals from beginners in this line of work. Some of the techniques professional coders use to write clear code are keeping everything sorted, using idioms, using symbolic names, and more. The right React Native contractor will understand the importance of clear coding as it is essential when working in teams. If the rest of the team cannot read or understand your code, then that presents a huge issue in the future going forward. If there are indeed issues with unclear code, the contractor should make improvements and even recommend ways to solve the issue.

React Native Contractor Soft Skills

Now that we know what hard skills every contractor should have, let’s look at what soft skills are important and necessary. Soft skills, by definition, directly point to the traits of the contractor. This makes them very important. And for React Native, the right candidate should have certain character traits.

Coding is done in teams. What this means is that the right candidate must be able to work in teams. Also, the ideal candidate must show to be a problem-solver. But that’s not all. Since most developers don’t build apps alone, the right candidate has to adapt to other members of your team. Some team members do the backend while others do the frontend. But there has to be a way to connect both. And the only way to do that is by being a people person that can work and manage multiple people.

Another soft skill, or character trait, that the right React Native contractor must have is being able to give and take constructive criticism. You might be an executive, but you will be kept in the circle during the development phase. And lastly, the right candidate should keep an open mind as the project goes on.

The List of Questions To Ask During The Interview

As always, the right guide will be incomplete without us giving you a list of questions to ask while doing the interview. As an executive, you can ask these questions yourself or have your recruitment team handle them for you. Regardless, here is what to ask. 

  • Can you tell us what React Native means?
  • Can you walk us through the dev phase?
  • What are the advantages of the framework?
  • How does each project start? 
  • How do you explain cross-platform development?
  • What is JavaScript?
  • What is Flux?
  • Is there any difference between React Native and React JS? If so, what?
  • Can you explain the difference between props and state?
  • Can you explain what a virtual DOM is?

The Ways To Hire React Native Contractors

When you look at your options, there are two realistic options out there. The first is to find a freelancer while the other is to find a dev house. There are advantages to both, but do know that both options are realistic and viable. 

Freelancers ask for more convenient and affordable rates, the talent pool is larger, and they are an excellent remote option.

Development houses guarantee the project will be completed. In addition, they are also affordable and reliable.

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