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Published on January 4th, 2019 | by Sunit Nandi


Are Online Betting Sites Killing Betting Shops?

Online Betting sites have quickly become the most common method of gambling in the 21st century. The ease of access and limited time needed to be able to load a casino game and place a stake has become satisfyingly fast. Does this mean that the traditional form of heading down to your nearest betting shop and playing casino games on the interactive machines are over? We will take a look at how online betting is transforming the way that players gamble in today’s market. You can also check the Betfred Opening Times and plan your playing time accordingly.

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Latest Figures

In a recent report from the UK Gambling Commission released at the end of last year, it detailed what seemed to be a bleak future for Betting Shops within the UK. The total number of betting shops open in the UK in September 2017 was 8502, this is 304 less from the survey completed in May 2017 and that figure was 4.12 less than the figure taken in May 2016. This industry-wide downfall of number operating shows a clear trend in the reduction of betting shops within the UK. This is a completely opposite trend to the value of the betting industry as this increases on a yearly bases. To know about the trends of the industry, you should check the Bookies Near Me.

This means that customers are shifting away from visiting betting shops and using alternative methods to gamble and this most certainly is online betting on computers and mobiles. The number of purely online based betting operators has increased also with the likes of 888 casino, a huge player in the online betting market becoming very prominent in the betting industry.

The Shift To Online Consumerism

It has been clearly documented and recognized by almost every industry that there is a material shift to the online world which changes the way that industries operate. Online betting is not the only one affected, this has played a massive role in the retail business with online shopping becoming more popular than retail shops which used to lead the way. This can also be seen where for example Thomas Cook closed 50 stores in the UK due to the increased custom received online rather than in person at one of their branches.

Businesses are quickly finding that connecting with their customers via websites and online sources are more beneficial to them. They have continuous information supplied by search history which allows them to understand what their customers like and don’t like. What are the most popular items searched for and how often are they buying them. This all makes the customers experience more tailored to them which ultimately is a good thing. The operational costs of running an real money casino is often a lot more cost effective also, not having to pay for overheads and setup costs of physical stores allows them to offer cheaper products at a better price. This is definitely a good thing!

So Which One Is Better?

In a digital world where technology is improving every single day, the online world can thrive. The digital environment allows bookmakers to change anything in an instant and reach players all across the world from one single website location. Players are able to bet 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. They no longer have to wait for the betting shop to open to place a stake or withdraw winnings, every aspect of betting is at the end of their fingertips from anywhere in the world.

Granted, the atmosphere of the betting shop will well and truly be missed, nothing quite has the feeling of winning a round of roulette with an audience behind you. The atmosphere and excitement in the online format cannot live up to that of actually being there in person however only those lucky enough to have a betting shop with a reasonable distance benefitted from this. Online betting allows anyone with internet access to be able to get a piece of the action and maybe the sacrifice of losing some of the atmospheres is worth it.

So maybe the new online world of betting is the future meaning that the traditional betting shop is surely on its way to extinction. It is a sad thought for the nostalgic ones amongst us but it is a necessary evil that will continue to improve the way that we gamble.

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