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Published on January 16th, 2019 | by Bibhuranjan


5 Awesome Tips to Shoot 360-degree Video

360 degree video makes for an amazing watch when done well. With 360 cameras, capturing footage in each and every direction is now possible. However, it is this very feature that can make shooting a tad tricky. In this article, we get into what you should keep in mind before and when shooting 360 degree video.

1) You’ll want a small camera

Shooting video in 360 degrees is not as easy as shooting straightforward videos. You don’t have a set frame to work with and there is no room for behind the scenes set up to be out of the frame. That’s why it is useful to buy the smallest camera with 360 capability that you can afford. Having a small camera doesn’t just give you the benefit of portability when travelling. It is also great for shooting video in tight spots, giving you more options for footage. In addition to this, a small camera will limit the amount you will have to edit your footage together for cohesive video – also known as stitching.

2) Mind the distance

In order to get a good professional video, it is important to know how a 360 camera works. Many 360 cameras in the market are two cameras pointing in opposite directions with fish-eye lenses to give a wide view. Because of these lenses, images can look strange and distorted if filmed from too near to it. You need to keep a good distance between your camera and subject to make sure your image looks as it actually is in real life. Keep at least a few feet of distance to avoid a distorted view.

3) Remember what is in focus

Think of your camera as a person, ie the viewer, and shoot your video from the point of view of its audience. When watching 360 video, you are literally in the thick of it. So, when shooting the video, your focus should be on the most interesting and action-worthy positions.

4) Be mindful of the stitch

The stitch is where the footage from both cameras of the 360 camera get merged to form an entire picture. This junction which the footage is “stitched” together can often look a bit distorted or just a little out of the usual. In order to avoid drawing too much attention to it, the correct placement of your camera is very important. Place your camera in such a way so that your subjects is facing the lenses of the camera directly. This will make the stitch less in focus and less noticeable in your final footage.

5) Be mindful of yourself

A 360 camera doesn’t give you the luxury of hiding behind view for footage where you don’t want a human element in the frame. Keeping clear of your own frame with a 360 degree camera can be quite the challenge. One great way to get around this is to use the apps that come along with some cameras that allow you to see what you will be recording prior to the actual shoot. This way you can tell whether you are coming in the way of the recording and position yourself accordingly to get a clear shot.

Shooting 360 degree video is a great way to expand on your video recording repertoire. It’s also an extremely fun and popular new skill that’s a hit with video production companies and brands world over. Keeping in mind these easy and simple tips can make a big difference to the quality of your video footage.

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