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How to get High-Quality Backlink using Link Bait Technique

A backlink is a link from another webpage to yours. Backlinks are also called hyperlinks, incoming links, inbound links or links. In relation to search engine optimization (SEO), a backlink is an essential factor in deciding how well your page ranks. Overall links can determine how well these pages are sighted on this first place. For example, you have a new webpage and no one links to it nor you have linked it to Google. Hence, you cannot expect your content to be found on the internet. But, if someone provides the link to your website, a user can crawl through your link, visit your site, index and newly updated content. Therefore, backlinks are very important as they are the only key through which, search engines and users will know about your content and webpage.

The number of backlinks determines the popularity and importance of that webpage. These important for search engine optimization because search engines like Google will give more preference to the webpage that has a good number of backlinks and in turn, because of their ranking, these websites are considered to be more relevant in their search results for a search inquiry.

Although there is an endless number of link building techniques, link baiting technique is the best of all, if you have all the time, ability, knowledge to make it work. Creating link bait is a constraining movement that will inspire your readers to think and link back to your webpage. One should always have enough knowledge of the audiences which you want to attract. Link baiting is more than just blogging.

Best Link Baiting Techniques are:

1. Guest Blogging

Another name for this technique is guest-blogging. This method can manage to bring the good number of inbound links to your website. Making your site accessible to guest bloggers will always reward you with content which is relevant and well written and in turn, the articles written by the bloggers on your page would be promoted automatically as they would love to share their articles on many internet platforms. Guest blogging is not just limited to only opening your website for other people to write but it also means that you have to guest post in other blogs yourself. During this process of guest posting, you can build backlinks to your guest posts and also improve the traffic on your website.

2. Crowd Sourcing

Hitting on the brains of the brilliant minds in your field isn’t easy. You will have to make a genuine effort in follow-ups, e-mail them one by one and wait for their reply. One should always know how to deal with people and make them interested in you even when you are giving them anything of value. The skill of pursuing the minds is very much needed for one to gather crowd sourcing.

3. Interview

Using the interview as link bait is a clever technique. By interviewing a very famous and influential person can help you to grab a lot of backlinks to your website especially if you manage to come up with good questions in your interview which would stir the readers to dig deeper into your webpage.

4. Controversial Content

Ranting about search engine optimization (SEO) is dead and can attract you much, much traffic. Although it can also haul a lot of hate comments, on the other hand, it can be picking on the brains of the user which could directly help you to generate a good number of backlinks. It is a fresh content will excite more reader to dig deeper into your webpage.

5. Generating Info-graphics

Creating info-graphics is another way to advertise links. It is an innovative way to increase your reach. Create your graphics keeping your targeting audience in mind.

  • Stick to a limited number of colours maximum 4 and only 3 types of fonts.
  • You can always add the data charts to enhance your graphics.
  • It is important to write 250-300 word description keeping in mind your target audience.

You can use these sites for creating easy graphics.

  • Piktochart
  • eLearning Infographics
  • Reddit
  • Venngage
  • Video Info-graphic
  • Info-graphic database

6. Keep a Tight scope

In most of the cases, it is advised to keep your content extremely focused, keeping in mind your target audiences with whom you are going to get linked. For example, if your subject is universally applicable, chances of which are very rare there are some content topics that apply to everyone on the web. A very good example of the same is “Instagram”; just about everyone on the internet has an account on Instagram. Hence, they will always have an interest in changes when it involves privacy settings.

7. Quizzes

Quizzes, surveys, and tests have been popular with web users and if you’re smart enough about the way you design them (giving people a link to place on their site for example) they can be quite trending. For example, Pro Blogger quiz is a quick test of a plugin and helps in bring in quite a few links –which gives participants links and gives some more thought it would have been even more successful).

8. Rants

There is something striking about the well written and formatted contents which make your website link worthy. People will be compiled towards your website if you are passionate about the links you provide on the search engine.

The above-mentioned tips can work wonders, helping you gain the backlinks for your websites if taken into a serious consideration and working upon them with dedication.

Link baiting has advanced the SEO since the last decade and made it easier for the webmasters to divert the traffic towards their websites. Many new techniques are coming up every day on the internet to encourage and make the task of ranking their websites on the top in search engines. Link baiting is the practice of crafting content that is designed to get other content producers to link to it. The purpose of link baiting is increasing the number of inbound links.

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