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Top Reasons To Choose Shared Hosting For WordPress

Why people give preference to choose shared hosting? And what is the top benefits & reasons of choosing sharing hosting for starting a WordPress blog? Before going towards our topic I’d like to share with you some important points and also want to tell you what basically is wordpress.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a one of the most used & easy to use blogging platforms that is used as a powerful website creation tool or Content Management System for building sites around the clock totally for free. It is popular because of its easy use and fast performance.

There are literally thousands of themes are available to choose from and get started with! The most are free and can be completely customized and installed quickly too. So in addition to this there are thousands of plugins to enhance WordPress capabilities. And the most of these there are free and paid plugins available for more features & in-depth functionality to bring into your WordPress blog. Among those, you can use a plugin to add an image gallery, contact form or google sitemap and a lot thousands of others to your website.

The Advantages Of Choosing a Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a standard and the most famous hosting service where many websites reside on one website server, and it is a good solution for many small sized to medium sized web sites, and it is definitely the cheapest hosting solution for newbies that are looking for cheap hosting solutions.

The only possible problem with shared hosting is if the host put too many sites on one server, and when this happens the sites on that server become very slow which in result gives a bad signal to Google about your blog. A good hosting provider will not do this because they have idea about this problem.

So I like also tell you another problem with shared hosting is the option of getting your email blacklisted. Because you are sharing the server with hundreds of people that will be working with you so it will only take one bad penny who is sending out spam to everyone sending mail from that server with the same sweep. That’s why so the solution to this is to route the mail through google apps.

Top Reasons To Choose A Good Shared Host For WordPress

Now the best way to choose a good shared hosting provider is to go for a host that is recommended by other WordPress users that is already working on it. According to my own experiences & usage with many web hosting companies, the most awesome & cheapest hosting provider that I know is HostGator. It offers Shared Hosting at a cost of around $2.95 each month but if you have just made your way of signing up for HostGator and want to give a free test-drive to it then make sure to get Hostgator free trial hosting for the first month at a cost of just $0.01 only.

Other than that here are some more criteria to base them on:

Reliability Of Shared Hosting

Try to find a host with good uptimes. It can be hard to get this information reliably but you really don’t want to be dealing with outages on a server on a regular basis

24/7 Support

Maybe you would like to be able to contact support by phone immediately or maybe you would prefer online support? This is too much important thing to be seen in a good hosting provider.

Server Software

You may want a host that offers cPanel and a one click WordPress install service. This type is most common and easy for you and your clients if needed.

Space CPU & Bandwidth

You will get what you pay for as far as these considerations are concerned but it’s good to watch out for these. Because you need space and bandwidth for your work that will be grow and your needs will increase with passage of time.


Must try to ensure you are aware of the exact monthly or yearly prices. That in future you are going to pay. So here you may like to hunt around for coupons or offers to get some money off to start with. Choosing a shared host for your WordPress website is a really important decision to make. But if you choose a reliable company with lots of expertise with WordPress you won’t go far wrong one.

Why Shared Hosting is Best For WordPress Blogs?

About WordPress Blogs

WordPress is a script written in PHP that allows users to have an online personal or business journal style website. With WordPress, readers of your blog can comment on your latest blog posts. It needs a MySQL database to store the user data and a minimum disk space.

Now choosing the hosting provider for your WordPress blog is the most important work to do. Because the word press itself provide a free hosting service for blogging. And also there are many free blog hosting and web hosting providers. So there are limitations for your blog such as designs templates, addons and many more. Here we need main features that you need for your blog which must contain the latest version of WordPress.

As you don’t need a huge amount of space and a large number of databases shared hosting is best for your WordPress blog with your own domain name. So you don’t need to be familiar with HTML to create your site as there is an automatic installer of WordPress which you will find within your hosting control panel in few seconds. The hosting provider also helps you in these situations when needed. Because customer support is available for it, if any customer places a ticket to install the WordPress and make all the things ready for him we will do it with pleasure and it will take just few minutes to ready.

With the WordPress hosting you can only edit the header image of your blog and can use selected themes provided by WordPress only. In paid share hosting you have the total control to your website. And you can add as many pages as you wish and can edit the pages also can edit the template. You can add different addons from the WordPress control panel, you could find different theme of WordPress and also download them for your blog, unzip it and install to your own site.

As final if you wish to put google ads in your site you can add that particular script from the file manager option in your control panel. You can define where the ads should be placed. This is not possible in WordPress. You also can optimize your site for search engine to put different meta tag in the header files too. In wordpress it is only possible by using different related tags. Now if you need full freedom for your website and keep control in your hand then shared hosting is the best option for you.

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