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Why Android development is a promising career option for you?

By the year 2019, it is expected that the number of mobile phone users in the world will surpass the five billion mark and that is exactly why the field of Android development is witnessing continuous growth and popularity. There is a big debate when it comes to iOS over android apps. What makes android more attractive is that when you want to install an app in an android phone, you can buy and download them from any other app store.

Since android is easier to use, a research has thrown light on the fact that most online purchases are made using an android. According to a survey by the Business Insider, Google’s Android has shown a market share of 75.8%, while Apple’s iOS has a market share of 22.9%. These statistical figures are enough proof of why most market dominating brands are switching to android apps even after having an active website and the iOS version of it. As a result, we have seen an increase in demand for android app developers. Moreover, since the technical market is expected to expand more substantially over the next few years, the future for prospective android developers seems to be bright.

The Scope of Android over iOS

With Android dominating the market share of smartphone users in the year 2017 globally, the demand for better and innovative android applications will continue to grow. So, if you are an android developer, there is good news for you. Due to the preference of Android over iOS apps, you will have a myriad of job opportunities in this field – either as a permanent employee or as a freelancer. There is more in for you. The demand for skilled android developers being higher than the supply of the same, IT companies are ready to pay highly competitive salaries to the deserving candidates to retain the resources.

The world of technology is expanding exponentially, and with every passing day, better career opportunities are opening up for all of us. If you are an Android developer, then you already know how daunting a task can it be to come up with unique and innovative app ideas. However, if you have the aptitude and a knack for it, then android development can prove to be quite a promising career option for you. Let us find out why!

Here are 8 reasons why Android Development is a great career option for you.

1. The ever-increasing growth of the Android market

With more and more people switching to mobile phones for their day-to-day activities, there are thousands of new jobs opportunities cropping up by the second.  As Android is more affordable and offers user-friendly solutions, it is expected that more people will switch to android over iOS. Many mobile app development industries are switching to Android Application Development due to the prospect of better business. People are continuously asking for better applications and for updates that are more efficient. This, in turn, leaves a lot of scope for android developers over other mobile app developers.

2. Huge Demand

According to a survey, Android’s market share of 69% in 2016 has gone up to 75.8% in the year 2017. Therefore, owing to the ever-increasing demand for Android apps, the employment chances for android developers are growing at a steady rate. Employers are hiring Android developers in bulk numbers, and there is yet a gap in the demand-supply chain to be bridged. So if you are a mobile programmer with a specialization in the Android operating system, then consider yourself lucky because now is the best time to put all your Android skills to use.

3. Handsome Payout

Here is a statistics that is sure to inspire you enough to want to be an android developer – the highest salary received by an Android app developer in the US is $144,000 / annum as compared to the highest salary of an iOS app developer which happens to be $139,000 / annum. Since the demand for skilled android developers is so high, employing organizations are ready to provide a considerable pay package provided you have the required skills. Even the average salary for an Android developer is around $ 89,000/annum, and you can expect the amount to increase steadily with time. Since Android comes with the option of dynamic application development at lower costs, companies can give out higher salaries without having to think twice about the expenditure. So, you can expect to receive a high pay package when you choose this filed as a job option.

4. A myriad of job roles for you

Android professionals work under a number of different job designations. There is a vast list of options awaiting you when you choose to be an android developer. From being an app architect to an android engineer – you can select a department that you are comfortable to work in. When you pursue android development, you are mainly taught everything that comes under the umbrella term called mobile software development. So in case, you feel monotonous with your job responsibilities, you can switch among various job roles within an IT industry. Whether you choose to be a Lead Software Engineer or an Android Mobile Developer is entirely your call.

5. Challenging and Dynamic

The world of mobile technology is not only dynamic, but it is a highly competitive one too. When you choose a career in Android Development, you choose a field that is ever changing. There is always scope for improvement, and that is what makes it a challenging task. As an android developer, your responsibility does not end with having the technical skills to develop Android apps. You are also assigned to design new apps and create better versions of existing apps. You need to keep in mind that you must design an app that is efficient enough to gain popularity in the market. This makes Android development a field that can be quiet challenging for you.

6. Gives You Freedom

The best thing about being an android developer is the fact that you do not have to be stuck in the 9 to 5 timeline of a typical office-going job. You can opt for distant work also and work in the comfort of your home. If you wish to work as a freelancer, then the career option of an android developer can be ideal for you. Several organizations are now hiring developers who want to work from home. Provided you work efficiently and deliver your work on time, you can be an independent developer and work in freedom.

7. Prestigious opportunities Organizations are looking for You

With Android taking over the market of mobile development, several prestigious organizations are hiring Android developers. Whatever be the business idea, every company requires an app nowadays. Top financial companies like American Express or companies offering services like Groupon and Uber are bringing out apps for better reach. So, if you are lucky and qualified enough, you might land up with a job in a big-scale company like Yahoo! or Facebook.

8. Easy to learn

To have a career in Android development, all you need to learn is Core Java, and you need to have the necessary skills for analyzing a problem and solving it logically. Android Programming language is very easy to learn. It not only requires a little creativity on your part with the right blend of technical skills. Also, with several online resources giving online training, it is straightforward enough to master the correct skills.

Android developers are in demand and therefore now is a good time for you to consider Android development as a stable career option. The required skill set is easy to learn, and the fruitful career offers plenty of benefits – be it the freedom to work as you please or a handsome salary at the end of every month. So, pursue android development without any second thoughts today and get to build an exciting career for yourself.

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