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The Greatest Educational Apps for Kids

One of the most thrilling things about human nature is that the people acquire new knowledge from the moment they are born and continue to do throughout their lifetime. The success of the learning process depends on numerous factors, from genetics and the environment to individual interests. However, one thing is certain, the learning foundation set during the days of early and mid-childhood will have an enormous impact on the learning potential and the results that come from the process. These great educational apps will be of great assistance in your kids’ early days.

Amazon Kindle

The fact that reading is essential for education does not require further explanation. Researches surely prove it. Amazon Kindle is a great app that will enable your kids to emerge into the world of the written word and spend hours on end learning about practically anything they set their mind to. The collection of child friendly books is enormous and the public domain collection is so vast that it would take even the most avid readers dozens of lifetimes to go through all of them.



Speaking more than one language is not only something that allows you to travel more comfortably around the world, it is a must for any respectable and prosperous occupation. On top of that, the benefits of speaking multiple languages have been scientifically proven. This colorful and easy to use app will make learning a new language both fun and efficient. Plus, it will allow you to learn as well and to enjoy speaking to your kids in another language as you progress.

Learning time with Timmy


Speaking a foreign language fluently is virtually impossible without having a large corpus of words in your mother tongue. Various versions of Learning time with Timmy will help your kids discover new words from the very early age, improve their cognitive skills and help them develop their language in an easy and productive way. The fact that all these activities are given a lot of detail and attention to in any renowned early learning centre vouches for their importance; make sure you implement them in your kids’ education, as well.

Imagination Playground 3D Builder


Have you ever wondered what genius minds were or are behind some of the greatest buildings in the world? Your children will probably, too. On the other hand, they may be one of those great architects when they grow up. This 3D building app will help them brush up their talent and help them discover and explore the principles of geometry, engineering, physics and more. Gravity mode will be particularly interesting with its real life presentation.

Ansel&Clair apps


In this series of educational apps, Ansel, a keen travel and photographer is coupled with Clair, a remarkable robot, on a journey around the world and through time. This interesting and a well matched duo will take your kids on explorations and adventures through puzzles, games and quests keeping them occupied and at the same time educating them about various topics, from Africa to dinosaurs. New episodes are constantly being added and the kids love them all universally.


Parents, being unaware of the educational potential of the apps, tend to restrain their kids from using them, scared that nothing good can come from it.  Times and circumstances change rapidly and prompt adaptations are required. The sooner the parents accept it the better for them and their children. The road to mutual success lies in filtering the apps and encouraging the kids to use educational apps more, which will in turn benefit their development. Bear this in mind the next time your kid reaches for a tablet or a smartphone.

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