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7 Fun Games For Kids That’ll Keep Them Entertained For Hours On End

Keeping your kids entertained for long can be a tough task, especially during these testing times when the world is practicing social distancing amid stay-at-home orders. Schools have been closed, and you cannot allow your children to go out. So, whatever they must do, they have to do it in the confines of the house.

In this situation, it can be hard to control unruly and mischievous children. However, the respite for parents lies in the fact that that some activities can keep kids occupied for hours on end. Children love playing games, and the Pew Research Center confirms it. According to the study conducted by the firm, a staggering 97 percent of kids between the ages of 12 and 17 play video games.

This may come with a lot of screen time, and you might be worried that the kids are scrambling their heads around a useless activity. But it turns out that games can be educational as well in addition to being entertaining.


Puzzle games and problem-solving tasks can help them learn valuable life lessons and skills. Many brain games and multiplayer titles teach kids social and collaborative skills, and they become more creative through interaction with other players.

In this blog, we have compiled a list of fun games that will not only keep your kids engaged for a long time but also teach them a thing or two during the gameplay. However, we do suggest to set a screen time limit before you handle a gaming device to your kids.

With the options listed below, you can be certain that your kids will be entertained, and they also learn a few things.

LittleBigPlanet 3

LittleBigPlanet 3 is a fun game that involves a series of challenges and problem-solving activities. Kids can build anything they want in the game with their own virtual land and modify everything to suit their taste. They can also share their creations with the game’s online community so that others can also enjoy them.

The game features the main character, called the Sackboy. The levels in the game are easy enough for kids to pass. A player can also customize the character by adding goofy clothes and changing its hairstyle. LittleBigPlanet 2 also provides a ‘create mode’ that allows you to design and play the game levels according to your interests.

The PS3 version of the game is suitable for 7 years or older kids.

The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail was designed in the early ‘70s and produced by the Minnesota Educational Computer Consortium in 1974. The original version of the game taught school children about the realities of life on the historic Oregon Trail. The game has been popular among school students and has been updated quite a few times since its production.

It is a highly engaging game and improves critical thinking and teach valuable problem-solving skills. The gamer assumes the role of a wagon leader who guides a party of settlers via a covered wagon.

Recent updates allow the players to upgrade their wagons, buy food and medicine for the survival of the group. Players also come across rivers, highway bandits, illnesses, and encounter other complications during the trip. It helps the players to pre-plan their moves and make long-term decisions.

Thinkrolls 2

Thinkrolls 2 is a logic puzzle game that teaches kids the important topics of physics like acceleration, gravity, and buoyancy in a fun and entertaining way. The game is free of ads and involves no in-app purchases.

It is available on both the Play Store and App Store for $3.99. After the initial download, players do not even require an internet connection to play the game.


If your kids like to learn new words, then Wordscapes can be the perfect game for them. It will not only allow them to kill some time but also improve their vocabulary during the gameplay. Wordscapes features a built-in dictionary, where you can learn new words and add them to your vocabulary.

Players have to solve crossword-style puzzles in unlimited tries and a few hints. For every right word, the game offers you points. Players can also earn extra points if they get all the words in a particular order. The game is available for free and can be played on PC, Android, and iOS devices.

Tower of Babel

Tower of Babel is a strategy game designed by Unlimited Gamez mo. It is a simple and fun game with only one target: stack the tower as high as you can.

This game requires strategy and planning to place the blocks right so that tower can stand on them. If you put any block in the wrong position, the tower will come crumbling down. It is a highly engaging game as kids will try to reach new heights after every failed attempt.

Super Mario

Most of you might already have played or at least heard of the Mario Series. It is also called the Super Mario Bro Series. It is a video game series created by Nintendo, which has been popular among gamers all over the world for over three decades now.

The game features the mascot, called Mario, and has a simple gameplay: avoid obstacles and run towards the end. The mascot runs by himself, so all a player has to do is avoid obstacles, hit power-ups, and collect coins.

The new edition contains four different modes that you can try out before purchasing the game. After downloading and purchasing the game, you’ll be able to play all the modes without any additional payments.

World Capitals Quiz

If your child is a nerd who loves geography and you are worried that he would miss out on all the fun, then worry not. We are here to take away your worries. We have a perfect game for your kid, and it is called World Capitals Quiz.

It is a game by MiniMe in which kids have to guess the capitals of the world. Each correct answer will earn them points. What can be a better way to increase your knowledge about the world than by learning it in a game?

MiniMe also provides a host of other games in different genres for kids to enjoy anywhere, anytime. These games are engaging and involve no ads, in-app purchases, violence, or scary stuff. Hence, parents can rest assured that their kids are having fun with the right content.

Wrapping up

Games can be a get-away for kids who are bored of staying inside or tired of studying for long. Let your kids play these games so that they can have some fun and beat the boredom. These games are full of learning, and your children won’t be wasting time if they are hooked to any of these games.

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