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The Leading Logo Designing Apps to Enhance Your Experience in 2019

In case, you rely on blogs to advertise your business, then you have come across the best logo creation tools available on internet. On top, blogging allows you to place yourself in front of the prospects, who might be highly interested in your product offerings that you cannot promote through different marketing channels.

Building a decent quality logo is essential for your blog as it is displayed on your website. You must place your brand’s logo on the blog along with more online assets you utilize to advertise your business. If you can have a look at one of the leading brands in the contemporary digital world, you will notice that how essential it is to make yourself distinct from other brands on internet. The theory is known as brand saturation, meaning that people will find your logo across different online locations and platforms.

In case, your brand logo is not in the way you want it to be, then you can prefer using a professional logo designing tool or service. It doesn’t matter if you already have a fantastic logo, or are simply seeking to improve your collections of digital designs and resources. You can check out the list of best hand-picked logo design tools below:

Graphic Springs

Graphic Spring stands as the leading AI tool that offers fantastic logo creation service. The online logo creation tool enables you to input the necessary information and build a logo in almost less than a minute.

The logo creation process is rapid and hassle-free; many bloggers prefer using Graphic Springs and try to come up with desirable features. However, the tool is not recommended if you require profession logo. Logos, which you create through using online tools, are customizable to some extent only. Thus, you require best logo maker app to achieve the goal. However, Graphic Springs is a handy tool that can provide you with an idea about a logo that you are looking to create.

If you happen to get a professional designer later, then you may show them the logo created on Graphic Spring, highlighting your ideas.


In case, you have not heard about the Canva, there are various reasons to check out the logo designing app. Whether you wish to create a personal logo design for a blog or looking to design a fantastic book cover for a book, Canva can come into handy. The tool is free to try and offers a wide range of preloaded images, templates, clipart, and more. Canva offers a massive selection of exclusive images that you can utilize for only 99 cents per image. Canva serves as one of the best tools for designing logos.

You can check the free online tool and express what you think of it. Also, it will allow you to achieve a personal feel for a logo design process, providing you with an opportunity to view the elements you will require to design a logo later when you hire a logo designer. Many professionals are looking for ways to create a mobile friendly website. Building a fantastic logo can add even more appeal to a mobile friendly website.


Made for design novices, PosterMyWall is an online graphic design tool and logo maker that offers a wide range of ready-made, professionally designed logo templates to choose from. Simply pick a logo that fits your style and brand personality, customize it to reflect your brand name, tagline, and brand colors, and download for free. With the easy drag-and-drop interface and a huge variety of fonts, shapes, and clipart available, you can even create a logo from scratch and download it for free.


Pixlr stands as the browser-based app that operates following a similar principle but is more developed similar to the Adobe Photoshop, offering free of cost service. The most common theme for many logo design creation tools we highlight is that you shouldn’t necessarily be relying on the technical design skills. If you already have a font, design, or icon in your mind, then you are all set to build a logo through using Pixlr website.

Since Pixlr is quite advanced tool and is capable to create almost any design you can think about. It is simple enough to enable for hassle-free logo design building through uploading visuals, text, and later downloading the creation in almost any format with a seamless background. The tool is fantastic and serves best when you are looking to create a design that you will be later passing on to a different designer.

Tailor Brands

Handing over the power of logo designing and creativity to the end user is actually, what Tailor Brands does. Tailor Brands stand as the popular logo-designing tool that offers a broad range of options based on individual style and taste. Users on their website can pick an ideal logo to highlight their company’s personality and brand image, while allowing you to play with different styles, colors, template, designs and a lot more. The result is a design that is robust, adaptable, and pitched perfect as per company’s brand strategy.

In addition, if you are thinking about what makes Tailor Brand a unique choice, then it powered by the AI-based technology. The tool and can deliver a finalized logo to the users within three minutes. It doesn’t only takes the design factor and technical skills away from the hands of the users, but offer virtual and endless logo design drafts and creation to select. Apart from gaining access to such a wonderful platform, it doesn’t cost a heft amount of money to create a logo design.

On top, TailorBrands offers economical plans. To begin with the designing process, you can provide a quick submission of logo design, and walk up to a simple logo designing wizard. If you are not happy with a logo design that you receive, you can restart the process and try different icons, templates, colors, and logo choices.

Logo Genie

In case, you want to try designing a logo, you can begin with a handy tool like Logo Genie that allows you to start building a logo immediately through placing your company name and utilizing an automated AI engine.

Once you place a company name, you will be moved to next screen that requires providing in more information about a business such as baseline, industry type, and more company details. Afterward, you will be moved to a screen where you can choose a logo, tailor it as per individual preference, preview, and download it.

Once you have finished all the steps, you can download and utilize a logo wherever you desire such as promotional purposes. Depending on a logo that you want to design and use, Logo Genie offers varied pricing plans. A sample pack is provided in standard PNG, JPG, and PDF format. Also, you can upgrade options such as vector, black and white version, and social media images.


99Designs serve as the widely used logo creation tool. The tool is powered by Artificial Intelligence, allowing users to create a logo hassle-freely by own. But, if you need something more professional, then you can proceed with custom designer and be ready to pay higher premium charges.

If you are looking for a book cover logo design, then 99Designs offers an extensive range of options. It is opted by about thousands of graphic designers and professionals who are willing to accept projects. However, you will just need to shop until you find the tool that follows the best logo designing process.


Fiverr stands among the top websites to find a reliable and competent graphic designer. It allows users to hire the freelance designers located in different regions of the world, starting from only $5 per task. The site has transformed significantly over the years. Initially, they started as a platform that only offered beginner graphic designers and artists. However, they have grown and expanded to different areas including writing, designing, translation, voiceover, digital marketing, and much more.

You can find someone to perform the professional logo designing tasks. Just make sure to check the feedback watchfully. You can receive free revisions from many designers; however, make sure to check the policies prior to starting.

Don’t Just Settle When It Matters

We have experimented and offered various solutions to the business owners and bloggers looking to get a solution for logo and graphic designing. Every blog owner can check different tools, concepts, ideas, and approaches prior to deciding on the tool that they will using for the project.

Building a successful blog has become essential for almost every big and small companies today. You can think about what you should include in a logo prior to approaching a designer with different ideas. When you have come up with different ideas, you can reach out to the professional graphic designer and see how they find-tune the ideas and turn them into compelling logo designs.

If you are still unsure about where to start from, then you can visit to one of the best logo building apps mentioned above. The design tools mentioned above offer handy features and have proven to build great logo designs. All the tools mentioned above can come into handy for you, keeping the creative decisions to you while using the leading AI based designing features.

Final Words

So far, we have revealed the best logo making apps in 2019. If you know about more logo designing apps, then feel free to mentioned them add value to this article. These tools have provided various small, mid, and enterprise level companies with great logo designs.

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