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Top 5 Tools for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Grow Their Business DIY Style

Building a business from scratch takes quite a bit of strategy and scrappiness. While you’re creating a solid team that can help to support you, you also need to be working on getting the company off the ground. You don’t need to spend your entire budget on a lot of expensive consultants, though. Here are a few tools you can use that will give you the power you need to manage your ground-up business practices on your own.


If you’re looking for a good phone scanner app, this is the best one. You can use it to scan any of your notes and documents into a PDF file and then access it from anywhere you have access to an internet connection. It also features OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, which allows you to convert scanned images into data that can be edited.

Deluxe Logo Creator

Promoting an identifiable, recognizable logo is critical when starting a successful business, but this can be quite expensive if you have it custom made. Instead of spending your money on hiring a professional designer, you can use this logo creator to make your own. It’s free to use up until the time when you finalize your design. Just browse through templates that are industry-specific, choose the one you like, customize it to make it your own, and then pay a fee that’s both one-time and affordable.


When it comes to digital advertising, to do it effectively, you need to understand your target demographic. Yes, you can always pay someone to come up with an educated guess on the most effective and best ways to reach that demographic, or you could utilize Leadcrunch’s Predictive Outreach, which is a platform that uses AI to assist you with creating, defining, and engaging with your audience. This allows for more effective marketing, which gives you more of a return on your investment.


A good amount of customer support is typically devoted to answering the same couple of questions repeatedly or to guiding your customers through a single process over and over again. Since things like this can be easily handled, why not allow a bot to do it for you? Bold360 is a chatbot that utilizes AI to respond to your customers and walk them through a variety of processes to assist them with their needs. This means that your top-notch customer support team can then be used to handle more technical issues.


Designing a website that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing is critical in today’s digitally-focused society. It can be cost-prohibitive to hire a web designer when your budget is already tight. It’s a good thing there’s Themeforest. It offers you a vast array of stunning themes for WordPress for you to make a choice from and then purchase to use for your site. Just select the one you prefer, import your demo content, then customize it with your information, and you’re finished. While this might be easier said than done, there are quite a few online tutorials you can use if you run into any issues.

You might often feel as if the only way for you to successfully make any money on your business is to spend every dollar in your budget for external consultants and agencies to make sure that your strategy for the marketplace is absolutely seamless. While this method does have its merits, going the DIY route to launch initiatives to build your brand can be both effective and possible. It also allows you to put your startup money to better use.

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