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Best Mobile Tracking Technologies of 2018

We rely on technology to keep in touch with our family and friends. Can you imagine a world without your mobile device? Your phone allows you to communicate in real-time and helps you travel through the world without the concern of getting lost.

Interactive apps provide us with instant access to any point in the world. Whether you’re searching for a place, person, or possession, your phone can help you find anything you need. Third-party tracking apps rely on GPS tracker systems to ensure that you stay connected to your movements.

These apps have an enormous benefit to our lives. Here are our top-5 mobile tracking apps of 2018. Download one of them to your device and stay connected to your community.

1. Google Maps and Apple Maps

Let’s start with a free app that’s an old favorite of many Android and Apple users. If you own an Android or Apple device, you have access to one of the best tracking systems available. Both Google Maps and Apple Maps offer accurate information on location data, allowing you to find your destination with ease.

Find your lost device, navigate a new city, or check out a review of a local restaurant. With these services, you’ll never feel like a lost tourist in a new town.

App Benefits and Features;

User-friendly navigation.

Find the best destinations near your location.

Restaurant and tourist guides.

Review and rate any service or location.

Navigate offline without an internet connection.

Available for iOS and Android systems.

2. Life 360

For those people that want more control over their location data, Life 360 is a fantastic third-party tracking app. Keep track of your movements and create a private circle of members. Connect family member’s devices and know where your children are at all times.

Features like the driving report allow you to monitor the driving behavior of the learner in the family. There’s plenty of functionality in the free version, and the paid service offers a lot more. Well worth the investment.

App Benefits and Features;

Create a private circle of friends and family members.

Monitor their devices in real-time.

Roadside assistance.

Check up on driver behavior.

Organized logs and past location information.

Check-in requests and user status.

Available on Android and iOS.

3. Sygic

This GPS tracking app has over 50-million downloads. Reviews suggest that users enjoy the offline usability and the apps link to TomTom maps. Sygic is the top choice for people with navigation as their primary need for a tracking app. This app can even help you find parking at our local shopping mall. The paid-version has extensive functionality, even if it does come with a hefty price tag.

App Benefits and Features;

Offline navigation function.


Avoid traffic with live reports.

Local speed limit display for safer driving habits.

Alternative route assistance.

Available on Android and iOS.

4. Be-On-Road

If you’re heading out on a trip up the coastline, “Be-on-road,” is your best choice for a travel tracking app. Focus on the journey, not the destination. With this application, you get real-time tracking that calculates your exact position anywhere in the world. There’s no more need for Google maps, and no chance of the system confusing location data.

App Benefits and Features;

The system suggests the fastest routes to avoid traffic.

Speed-limit and lane guide assistance.

Distance guide with ETA.

Available on Android and iOS.

5. Spyzie

This tracking app offers heaps of functionality. While the price-tag may be fairly astronomical, the feature-rich interface gives you plenty of tracking options. Monitor location data, check the user’s browser and search history. Monitor incoming and outgoing emails and text messages, and photos.

Syzie has the potential for abuse, so always ensure you have noble intentions when downloading this app to your device.

Real-time Location data and history.

User-friendly interface.

In-depth location tracking for business owners and parents.

Web-based dedicated dashboard.

Personalized care and assistance.

Available for iOS and Android.

In Closing – Stay Secure with 3rd Party Tracking Apps

While Google Maps and Apple Maps are standard features available with smartphones, a third-party app gives you greater control over location data. Consider downloading a third-party app for the extra features. If you’re a concerned parent or an employer, these systems assist you in managing your loved ones and employee’s movements.


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