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How To Give Your Kitchen A High Tech Makeover

If you’ve ever dreamed of arriving home to find your dinner prepared and your fridge fully stocked, welcome to the kitchen of the future! There are so many high-tech gadgets available these days that every kitchen can now go through a stylish makeover to bring it bang up to date. Here, we look at some ways to give your very own kitchen a brand new advanced look.

Connected Fridges

Perhaps the most exciting appliance to hit the market is the intelligent fridge. Whirlpool have invented an amazingly advanced model which comes with its own webpad on the door. This removable tablet comes with a keyboard that allows you to respond to emails and surf the net wherever you are.

With a fully customizable interface, the webpad can even be adapted for use by family members who struggle with technology but who want all the convenience of a fully networked kitchen. It can also be programmed to download new recipes from the internet allowing you to whip up something delicious when you get back from work.

It’s also a breeze to compile your shopping list. Simply attach the scanner to the webpad and enter the bar codes on your empty food packaging as it’s used. Your intelligent fridge will also let you know about the items which are past their sell-by date and can email the lists to the supermarket, allowing your groceries to be delivered right to your door in hours.

The Networked Oven

The next best thing to a networked fridge is a networked oven. There are now networked ovens on the market which are capable of downloading recipes from your integrated computer browser and which can then program the appliance with the right temperature and cooking time. There’s no easier way to prepare a meal.

The Intelligent Apron & Tablecloth

Wired kitchen products are all the rage today and now there are lots of fascinating interactive devices out there which are sure to find their way into every high-tech kitchen. The interactive apron can activate kitchen appliances by voice alone, solving the old no spare hands dilemma! Meanwhile, the interactive tablecloth can keep food warm without heating up the cloth itself. It can also power electrical gadgets on your table as an added bonus!

The Hands-Free Faucet

If you’re worried about hygiene in your kitchen, the hands-free faucet is the ideal solution for you. Eliminating the problem of dirty hands touching your faucets, the hands-free faucet has been designed to have a sensor inbuilt into it so that there is no need to touch the handles to activate the water. That’s a particularly useful idea if you’ve been handling raw meat, dirty vegetables or other unclean items that could be spreading bacteria around your kitchen ready to make you and your family ill. Visit to find out more about these handy high-tech gadgets.

The Sous Vide Cooker

If you’re a whizz in the kitchen the latest gourmet gadget which will take your cooking to the next level is the sous vide cooker. Once only used in professional kitchens, this revolutionary new appliance has found its way into the average home and represents a quick, simple and tasty way to prepare gourmet-level food. Put your meat or fish into sealed bags and then pop in the sous vide cooker under water until it’s cooked to perfection. Delicious!

Google Home

If you want to make your home an icon of future tech, the first stop should be to add a Google Home device to your kitchen. This useful device not only helps to keep you entertained but can fulfil a number of useful functions. You can use it to time your cooking, to give you recipe ideas or to play your favorite tunes while you work. You can even get it to ask you quiz questions for a fully interactive and fun experience while you prepare food or dine as a family.

These are just some of the top gadgets available today for the modern high-tech kitchen. Whether you choose to invest in one or all of these, you’re sure to love cooking in your advanced kitchen more than ever before!

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