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Bitcoin Casino 2018

Bitcoin has been the most transacted cryptocurrency, and most organizations have accepted its uses as a means of payment. There are also casinos that accept it in place of real money. Since online casinos have to adhere to the local regulations, there are certain regions that they can’t gamble using Bitcoin as it is not accepted as legal tender.

Just like other betting houses such as that allow the use of major currencies such as Euro, US Dollar, British Pound, among others as a means of the transaction; Bitcoin casinos also allow this digital currency for making deposits and withdrawals. You should check out if the digital currency is accepted in your region before considering using it on online casinos. Many users prefer using the cryptocurrency for gambling since there are numerous advantages associated to its usage.

Reason to Use Bitcoin for Online Gambling in 2018


Privacy is one of the primary reason why people prefer using Bitcoin as a means of transactions since it ensures that transactions cannot be traced. There are regions where gambling is illegal, and those who gamble are subjected to social stigmatization. In this case, you can fund your account without revealing your identity, and all the transactions remain only between you and the recipient.


If stored correctly, it is one of the safest digital currencies. When using other means of transactions such as credit cards and Paypal, in the case where a gambling website is hacked, the hackers can easily get your details. With digital currency, it is hard to access the users’ details.

Instant Payments

Payments using Bitcoin are fast, and most transactions are confirmed within minutes or hours. This is swifter when compared to other means such as some bank transfers which could take up to 5 days. More so, some credit cards cannot be used to fund gambling which is the reason why most players prefer using cryptocurrencies.

Cost Effective

Payments are not only faster but also cheaper as compared to transaction fee associated with credit card payments and bank transfer. The cost-effectiveness is beneficial to both the payer and the website owners since the player gets to keep most of the winning during withdrawal while the house saves money when their customers choose to fund their accounts with the digital currency.

How Bitcoin Casino Operates

There are online betting houses that only use Bitcoin as a means of funding while in others, it is used as a legitimate currency along with other currencies such as US Dollar, Euro among others. Bitcoin transactions enable casinos to provide players with various gambling options such as

  • Casino games;
  • Online lotteries;
  • Spread betting;
  • Sports based betting;
  • Gambling games.

A few renowned Bitcoin casinos include Bitzino, Fortune Jack, Satoshidice, Swichpoker, Bitstarz, Satoshibet, BtcSpiortsBet, Betcahin, and BitLotto to mention a few.

These type of casinos are growing in popularity, and most of them operate their gaming software. Their software runs the game with minimal human intervention since the software plays the role of the player.

However, it is at times hard to convince the player that the operations are fair. However, some betting houses may disclose their software algorithms to gain the user’s trust while others are obtained through peer to peer references.

The most popular game preferred at these casinos is poker. Other games offered include online slots, blackjack, roulette, and video poker among others. The popularity of these betting houses has been attributed to the anonymity of using the digital currency.

More so, these sites offer zero transaction fees and unlimited transactions. This is contrary to the conventional currency casinos that have set limits of the transaction and huge transaction fees.

Things to Check before Signing Up to a Bitcoin Casino

Although this cryptocurrency is one of the safest means of transaction, it does not mean that you can sign up to any Bitcoin casino. Before signing up, you should check the following:

Software Used

Different casinos use different software, and it is critical to ensure that the platform you are signing up has the right technology that will make your gaming experience smooth. The software is crucial in determining the slot games available as well as their effectiveness.

Top Security

Although the transactions of the digital currency are safe, it is necessary to ensure that the casino is also safe and that it has gaming licenses and follows the required regulations.

Bonuses and Offers

A casino that offers bonuses and promotions increases your chances of winning, and you should look out for the one that provides these features. These offers will be helpful especially if you are a novice as you can use the welcome bonus to test their operations before wagering with real money.

Funding Options

Although you may only be interested in using Bitcoin as your primary method of payment, it is essential to check if there are other acceptable payment methods for depositing and withdrawing.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a new thrill in gambling in 2018, try the Bitcoin casinos. There are a wide variety of games that you can play such as slot games, casino games with live dealers, poker, sports betting, baccarat, and roulette among others. Most of these betting platforms offer welcome bonuses and jackpots. It is important to register to online casinos that have already proved their worth, and it is highly advisable to avoid smaller and new cryptocurrency casino sites.

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