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10 Tools To Illustrate How Technology Can Help You In Writing

Whether you are writing for passion or for your work, you need to have not just effective writing and creative skills in order to draft quality and topnotch content. Even prolific writers make use of the current technology in order to be more efficient with your writing tasks. When you access the Internet, there are various tools that are specifically created for writers and bloggers.



With so many things that you have in mind, it is essential that you are good when it comes to taking down notes. Organizing your thoughts and ideas make it easier for you when you start writing. Letterspace is a simple and powerful tool created for iPhone and iPad users. With this tool, you can take notes easier. It has a swipe bar when you can just run your fingers and the cursor moves across the text. This tool gives you a clutter-free workspace perfect for writers.



To become a better writer, you have to constantly practice and work not just on the technical aspect of writing but as well as the creative aspect of writing. With the Dailypage, you get to have a tool that makes it easier for you to engage with your creative side. By using this tool, you can share your work with others. To date, there are already 1,240 people who have created 4,925 responses.



Every writer has to practice his writing skills in order to be more effective. Even the best writers have to work on their craftsmanship. On the Internet, there are several tools that are specifically created for this purpose. Among these tools is WriterKata. This tool allows you to work on your craftmaship as there are repetitive exercises that you use. Known as katas or repetitive exercises, you get to have certain exercises which are divided into 4 different stages. The kata cycle includes sentence, sketch, paragraph and story. After you have finished the cycle, you get to have experience points.



When you have heavy workload and time constraints, there are instances where you need to rely on professional help. At, you never have to worry about having quality content. They offer various writing services from essay writing to research paper, you can just submit your paper along with the instruction and details. Once you have submitted your payment details, a writing expert will start working on your paper and the final draft will be delivered to your email. If you are really in need of professional writing services, it doesn’t hurt to pay for a reliable firm who can provide the work.



Scrivener is a tool created to help writers and bloggers who want to share what they have written to the world. Writing any type of content can be really difficult especially when you have to structure and organize your work. With the help of this tool, writers no longer have to experience any difficulty in organizing their written work. This toll gives the best solution to writers across various disciplines. Structuring your draft is now made more efficient with the use of Scrivener.



Typed is considered to be one of the best markdown editor and minimal writing app created for Mac users. If you are in search for an app that can help you have quality content, this is the tool to use. It makes your web content writing easy. In addition, it also has certain features that can help you concentrate with your writing. Apart from these features, Typed also has Realmac HQ with quality typography and structured content. It is very easy to use for your daily writing tasks. With its zen mode and 8 soundtracks, you can focus on your writing.



FocusWriter is an easy to use interface for you to have clutter-free workspace when writing. With this tool, you can immerse and concentrate on your work. The tool is available in different languages and works in various operating systems like Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. It supports TXT, basic RTF and basic ODT. The tool is also equipped with the necessary tools that you need including timers and alarm, daily goals, typewriter sound effects, spell-checking and a whole lot more.



Poetica is an effective tool not just for individual writers but as well for teams who are handling various projects. With this easy to use interface, you can easily monitor and track changes. It gives you a distraction-free environment to work on your project more effective. The platform also utilizes what you call the Infinite Undo Technology where you can easily recover previous changes and deleted texts.



Making and taking notes has never been so fast and convenient. With the Alternote, you get to have an app where you can easily collect information, write down thoughts and create notes. It gives you a clutter-free writing environment so you can just focus on your writing. Alternote also has night mode as well as font settings so you can change sidebar background and color schemes.



Desk is a writing and notetaking app that is created for Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress and other blogging platforms. Desk is available in Mac App store. With Desk, you can have a tool that can help you have efficient blog writing.


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