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Published on October 17th, 2018 | by Sunit Nandi


5 Tips For Quickly Boosting Your Business’ Sales

Marketing your business is no light feat. Behind every successful business is a watertight marketing strategy, and an unfaltering sales approach.

If you are a new business and you’re struggling to get your feet off the ground, there are some steps you must take to help you boost your sales and brand awareness.

Follow these simple sales tips to expertly connect with your audience, and you’ll see your business’ sales reach new heights in no time.

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1. Outline your mission and define your audience

Being successful at securing sales is all about understanding your business and understanding your customers. Before you embark on your sales mission, you should strive for absolute clarity on everything from your business niche and what you are offering; who your target audience are, what they look like and what they need; and how you’re going to sell to them.

Ask yourself these questions about your customers:

  • Where do they live?
  • Are they male or female?
  • How old are they?
  • What do they do for work?
  • What are they interested in?
  • What are their pain points?

Knowing your audience is crucial because it can help you identify their problems. Then, when you know their problems you can sell them a solution.

Ironing out any inconsistencies in your mission statement, and being 100% sure about your customer’s needs, as well as your business goals, will ensure you get off to a strong start.

2. Highlight your advantage

Identifying your customer’s pain points is the first step, but now you need to persuade them why your service or product is better than that of your competitors’ who are offering something similar.

Focus on the benefits of your business model and what you can offer your customers that your competitors can’t. This can be anything from having competitive price points, to offering promotional deals, to delivering unbeatable customer service.

Put yourself into the shoes of your audience and consider what really matters to them. Or, better yet, ask them yourself, by encouraging them to fill out customer feedback forms. Any feedback you can can get – good or bad – will help you to inform your strategy and future business moves.

3. Harness content marketing

Content is the future of digital marketing, and is something that should be leveraged in order to promote sales.

Content marketing can take many forms – blog posts, news articles, image, video, podcast, etc. It can be used as a way to showcase your business’ products and services in a more creative and digestible way, without being too “salesy”.

By creating a long-form, informative and educational piece of content, as well as implementing a good keyword strategy, you can generate leads and increase brand awareness. For example, if you are a dentist in the Gold Coast you may create a comprehensive “how-to” guide on maintaining good dental hygiene. You can then offer it to prospective leads as a free PDF download in exchange for their contact information. Then, when you have their email address, you can nurture them and guide them down your sales funnel.

Overall, content marketing has a plethora of benefits, and can really aid your sales approach.

4. Use social media to your advantage

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Social media is one of the key components and today’s business space. Without a strong online presence, your business runs the risk of appearing old-fashioned, amateurish or untrustworthy.

Having an attractive and easy-to-navigate website is one thing, but your business should also be present across multiple social media platforms, especially Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (depending on your business).

Through social media you can create a relationship with your customers and encourage them to engage and interact with your business. You can promote special offers and deals, use attractive and high quality visuals, and direct users to your website through clever CTAs.

Social media is a great way to avoid your audience feeling constantly marketed to, as you can break up “salesy” posts with some fun and lighthearted content, and this will win you their favour and trust.

5. Be flexible and willing to adapt

There is no one-size-fits all approach to sales. Businesses in different industries have different business models and target audiences. Therefore, how they engage with their audience and generate leads take different forms.

What’s more, industries are adapting more rapidly than ever, due to the ever-evolving ecosystem of the online space. Fashion, for example, is now faster and more instantaneous than ever before, and that means that trends are constantly shifting and customer demands are growing, which poses challenges for e-retailers.

Your business’ sales approach should reflect this willingness to grow with the times. Don’t be disheartened when something that worked six months ago no longer works. It is good practice to undertake regular audits on your business processes, and be attuned to the forecast of your particular business niche.


Executing a sales strategy is all about planning and utilising all of your resources. First, you must have a clear vision on what your mission statement is, and who your audience are. Then, you must step into the shoes of your audience to uncover what it is that makes them tick. Once you know what facets of your business you should be pushing, you should use content marketing to showcase them, and then share it across social media.

By doing this – and not being afraid to change with the times – your business’ sales will go sky high.

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