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Top Magnificent Mind Games

Mental performance determines how well and quick you make decisions in life. You will have higher levels of productivity and efficiency in school or at work. It is also possible to enjoy the benefits of a good social life since you automatically become a problem-solver in all settings. Fortunately, several games are available to enhance your mind’s well-being. Most of them are free and can be played at the comfort of your home. Here are some of them:

1. Sudoku

For many years, people of all ages have relied on this game for fun and to keep their brains functional. You must have the capacity to follow specific path and set the rules to compete it. Planning is important in this process. As you solve the problems on a regular basis, your memory and concentration capacities will be enhanced. The best thing is that you can play it online while sited on the best gaming chairs at or on paper. Different levels of difficulties are also available. Once you have mastered playing easier games, you have a chance to sharpen your skills further by playing tougher ones.

2. Crosswords

While Sudoku is meant to improve your capacity to work with words, crosswords give you a chance to play around with words. Besides improving your vocabulary, analytical and cognitive skills are developed. You must take time to remember words and brainstorm them before getting the right answers. Most newspapers provide a puzzle every day. Also, there are a range of mobile applications and books with the games.

3. Brain Age 2 for Nintendo DS

This game is designed to sharpen your concentration and memory skills. Before playing, you are expected to check your brain age. It will help you to come up a brain responsiveness capacity; it ranges from 20 to 80. If you get a mark of 20, it means that your capacity is that of a 20-year-old. You can play some mini-games to improve the responsiveness. These games include: rock, paper and scissors, math recall, and symbol match. You are expected to recall certain words and numbers to complete them.

4. Castle Defense

When young ones want to relax and go into a world of mystery, this game will work for them. It requires you to come up with strategy that can help you defend a castle. Making quick decisions is important. You must buy different type of tanks to shoot the attacker. With every level provided, you stand to gain coins.

5. Word Scramble

This game is exciting for both kids and adults. It requires you to sort the letters into many words. If you are competing with another person, they may be in a position to create words more quickly and win. Sharpening your memory skills is inevitable as you try to remember what you learned in school or elsewhere.

6. Guess the Colors

This game is ideal for students who are just starting to learn about colors. Adults who are in designing and painting world will also find it beneficial. You are expected to test your knowledge in the area. As you move to different levels, you will realize that there are many colors that you have never come across.

7. Chess

This game enhances your analytical power and decision-making capacity. The player must have a capacity to strategize and plan. Every situation must be assessed carefully before you make a move. Accordingly, higher levels of concentration are required. A player who masters the skills in their childhood is likely to have higher levels of intellectual abilities throughout their lives.

8. Conkers

Conkers is an interesting and fun game that has its origin in Britain. It is played between two players with horse chestnuts in autumn. The meaning of conkers is ‘hit’. The basic rules of conkers is that two players, each holding a string with conker threaded to it, take turns to hit the opponent’s conker until there is only one conker left. Player with the conker left is the winner.

9. Monument Valley

If you are looking for fun while sharpening your brain’s skills, this is the game for you. It features a princess who has to travel through passages full of objects and illusions to gain forgiveness. The player has to find hidden passages as the princess makes progress. Ten levels are offered. Creative and critical thinking skills are hence sharpened in an entertaining manner.

10. Mahjong

This game requires you to match tiles. Specifically, 144 tiles must be re-arranged into four sets and one pair. It offers the player an amazing way to socialize since a table game version that includes many players is offered. The Asian people expect the players to sit in four positions since it represents a connection to nature. You still have the option of playing the game online. Adults will find it more appropriate than many mind games available. They can sharpen their memory and concentration skills.

11. The Angry Bird Game

The game helps you to train your concentration and logical thinking skills. It features birds seeking to angrily attack evil green pigs. Their eggs have been stolen from a nest by the attackers. The pigs have already come up with protective structures. Your role as a player is to use a slingshot to attack the pig’s domains. You must have fewer attempts to win. Kids as well as the adults will love the game.

12. Brain Safari

The game strengthens your logic, memory, math and vision skills. Two mini-games are provided for every brain activity. You are expected to go through a journey of counting and remembering jungle fruits and animals. The game becomes more difficult as you play. Your profile in every session is remembered, making it possible to take note of your progress.

Notably, some people rely on apps to sharpen their brain skills. The most popular ones include:

  • Lumosity.
  • Happify.
  • Fit Brains Trainer.
  • Personal Zen.
  • Brain Fitness Pro.
  • Positive Activity Jackpot.
  • Eidetic.

Each of the apps trains the player on specific skills. For instance, Lumosity is designed to train attention, problem-solving, flexibility of thinking and memory. Personal Zen, on the other hand, is designed to train the brain to focus on positive issues of life. Happify, as the name suggests, makes your brain happier. You are able to cope with stress, empathize, and embrace a grateful heart. Combining these apps with the games described above will help you to make progress in sharpening your brain.

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