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Why Keyword Selection and Content Planning Are Key to a Successful Lawyer SEO Campaign

The internet has come a long way from the wild west it used to be during its inception and has matured into an intense and competitive marketplace for all kinds of products and services. This holds for law firms as well since most legal customers begin their hunt for legal counsel from a search engine.

Search Engine Optimization can bring you impressive clients with the most cost-effective way possible, compared to any other online marketing campaign.

SEO can be summed up as the romance between your website and search engines. A lot of factors improve your website’s visibility and ranking on a search engine. Among those factors, content is the indefinite king, while keywords are the generals. So, the primary goals of a search engine optimization campaign should be focused around that.

But before any of that can happen, you need a detailed analysis of the current status of your website. Everything from its search rankings, backlink profiles, focus keywords, content, and more. So, always prioritize working with an SEO campaign company that does a thorough SEO audit of your website.

This gives you a clear idea about the root problems responsible for poor visibility of your website and provides the SEO campaigner a reliable roadmap for repairs and improvement.

Keywords – The Guiding Prophets of a Search Engine

Anyone with the slightest clue about SEO knows about the role of keywords in any SEO campaign. They are the big guns, cavalry, and ballistic missiles that are responsible for landing prospective clients on your page and raise traffic in general. It is essential to figure out the keywords that are relevant to the legal expertise and services offered by your law firm.

Your website evaluation from the SEO audit can provide plenty of help for figuring out keyword opportunities that cater to your site. Opt for an SEO campaign that targets traffic with interests aligned with your services instead of a general audience.

Try to stay away from “vanity” keywords that attract a lot more competition than website traffic. There are over 90000 attorneys in the status of Texas alone, and that number rises over 1.3 million when you consider the United States.

Keywords like “legal firm” or “law firm” isn’t going to help you if you aren’t an authority website or luckily have “” as your domain name. Choose a law firm SEO company that uses your budget on keywords that deliver tangible results and attracts visitors who can be converted into your target clientele.

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SEO Content Strategy

A website without good content is a thanksgiving dinner without turkey or a soccer match without fouls. Good content isn’t just responsible for upgrading your website ranking but also plays a vital role in influencing your target audience’s decision to work with your firm.

But good content is hard to come by, and legal content has the reputation of getting more snores than eyeballs. But a good law firm SEO campaign can change that to keep visitors engaged and guide them towards the contacts tab. Great content isn’t spared from the fundamental economic law of demand and supply.

Your content may be exciting and well thought out to the partners and employees of your law firm, but would only be effective if it is understood clearly by your customers and solves a problem that exists within the scope of your legal niche.

Engaging Content Is Way Beyond Subjective

You must shed legal jargon and embrace the common lingo used by your customers. For instance, property escrow due to zoning law ordinances can be a perfect way of explaining the status of a property deed to your paralegal assistant.

But it would stay far away from the sphere of understanding of your clients. They aren’t going to take the time and effort to understand the jargon and divert their attention to your competitors.

Understand Your Audience

While designing keywords for your SEO campaign, you need to be careful since you want to keep your content readable and exciting while also appeasing the search engine gods. You have to fill the shoes of your audience and think about their expectations when they search for a keyword or a phrase.

Is it just curiosity? The pursuit of knowledge? Or a problem that needs to be addressed? Does your firm provide the required counsel or have answers to satisfy the curious questions?

The above questions can help you not just with designing relevant keywords, but also help you plan out the next step you want your audience to execute after they have landed on your website. You can ask them to join your mailing list or redirect them towards the contacts page or form.

Keywords and Content Planning should always be at the top of your list when you consider an SEO campaign, but other factors can’t be ignored if you want to hold a top position within the search rankings. Positive reviews and link building can always help and works great for gaining new clients.

You also get rewarded by Google by a higher ranking if reputable websites link back to your site. Don’t go for an SEO campaign agency that relies on the quantity and buys numerous links for you. Instead, go for an agency that pursues quality and build connections ethically.

This way your website isn’t at risk from a penalty by Google and is sustainable for the long term.

Final Thoughts

There you go. The fundamentals you need to know for an effective SEO campaign that can give your law firm the boost required for a quality client. But remember that rankings on Google aren’t the only thing you are looking for in an SEO campaign.

Choose an agency that uses website analytics to show results about incoming traffic growth to your website, the demographics of that traffic, and user interaction with your website. Your marketing budget needs to generate leads and bring in more clients, not just rankings.

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