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Online Bookies Collectively Address Problematic Gambling

The days when anyone could sign up to a betting site and then start depositing and losing huge amounts of cash and go unnoticed have long since gone, much more so at betting sites that are licensed in Great Britain by the UK Gambling Commission.

That regulator has long been aware that betting online can pose some risks to those who are prone to experiencing gambling problems and there is always the very real risk that people who have never had a gambling problem could suddenly find they are starting to experience then when betting online.

To ensure that people can help themselves as much as possible, when you next log into any UKGC licensed betting site you are going to be offered a whole host of different option settings all related to responsible gambling, and you are actively urged to make full use of them. The GamStop scheme is one of the most popular responsible gambling option for UK players.

There would be a lot of people grateful if each of the non GamStop bookies that can be found on sites like did become part of that scheme, however as it currently stands only those that are licensed un the UK are required to become part of that scheme.

As for just what those responsible gambling tools consist of, well you can choose a deposit limit to have robustly in place on your real money betting site accounts, and if you do reach that pre-set and chosen by your deposit limit you will not be allowed to deposit any more money into your account.

Plus, many betting sites, in fact all of those licensed in the UK will also let you set a range of other things too on your account switch them which include things such as a loss limit and also a time period when you can stay logged into your account for.

Self-Exclude Yourself from All UK Licensed Online Casinos

It is going to often take quite some time before someone with a gambling related problem finally admits to themselves that they do have a problem and when they do it can take even longer for them to reach out for help and support with that problem too.

However, if you are sat there right now and you know deep down that your gambling activities are out of hand, then please always be aware that you are not the only person in the world suffering such and there is plenty of free and confidential help and support available to you.

One service that I do highly recommend anyone that wants to give up gambling make use of is the service offered by GamStop, they are an organisation that have come up with a simple amazingly effective solution to those who want to self-exclude themselves from multiple different gambling sites and gambling apps.

All that you need to do is to register your details with them and they then in turn pass those details over to every single UK license and regulated gambling site and app operator who then close down any account you have with them but will also ensure there is no way available to you to try and go on to open a new account with them as you are trying to give up gambling going forward.

Should Non UK Based Bookies Sign Up to GamStop?

Therein does lay a problem, for even if somebody does take the step of signing up to that self-exclusion scheme that means that they can still, and sadly quite easily, sign up to any of those bookies that are licensed elsewhere.

If you are one of the many people for which gambling is a problem and you want to take a step back from all of your gambling activities, then one handy tool that you should have installed on all of your mobile devices and computers/laptops is a gambling site blocker.

That handy piece of software has one purpose and that is to block you from ever being able to access any type of gambling sites and is something you need to get installed on your devices sooner rather than later if you do feel or know that you do have a gambling problem and want to address that problem head on and give up gambling.

As there are several different gambling site blocker tools that are available these days it will not be too difficult for you to locate on and then get it installed on all of your devices, so make sure that is what you do and ideally do it today.

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