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How a golf rangefinder can increase your golf skill

With the various applications of rangefinders to golfers, there is no reason not to have one in your bag. Using a rangefinder while you play, practice and move around in an electric golf pull cart will shave at least a couple of strokes off of your game. Rangefinders are a perfect way to eliminate all the guesswork from your game and give you the guarantee of an excellent performance while you play. Here are some of the ways through which rangefinders can improve your golf skills:

1. Precise Course Yardages

Many golf courses have yardage markers that are off by as much as 10 yards because of maintenance or changes to the course. This can make the difference between a birdie putt and a chip shot for par. Also, these markers are to the center of the green. According to Golfsquatch, with a good rangefinder, you can measure the exact yardage to the pin. Laser rangefinders, for example, are ideal for shots within 100 yards since most golf courses don’t have yardage markers within this range.

2. Improve Club Selection

Like golf courses, driving ranges are consistently inaccurate in their yardage markers as well. A huge benefit of a rangefinder is knowing the average yardage you hit each club. Your swing will vary just about every day so that some days you will hit longer than others. Using a rangefinder, you can hit practice balls and measure how far you are hitting each club before you play an actual game that particular day.

3. Improve Short Game

Few driving ranges have yardage markers less than 100 yards, and few practice greens have any markers at all. The key to lowering your scores is in the short game. A rangefinder will allow you to experiment to find out how far you hit a three-quarter sand wedge or a half pitching wedge.

4. Reduce Penalty Strokes

Probably the biggest benefit that has helped many player’s games is the ability to measure distances to hazards and sand traps. This has allowed professional players to know how far they need to hit it to clear them in such cases. Various rangefinders also come with magnification so you can survey the green for possible areas to avoid.

5. Improve Confidence

One of the biggest benefits of a laser rangefinder is eliminating doubts in your mind which can cause you to under or over compensate on shots. A laser rangefinder will allow you to be confident in your club and shot selection so you can just concentrate on your swing.

6. Speed up play

A range finder will eliminate the need of a golfer to take some time so as to determine distances from yard markers accurately. Besides, when one club selection needs less thought, the speed of play improves.

7. Decision Making

One can improve their decision-making ability by making use of a rangefinder to determine the distance to various hazards on the golf course. A player can decide whether it’s worth the risk to attempt, by measuring the distance required to clear a fairway bunker. Besides, determining distances helps many players gain confidence in laying up close to a hazard than they do on a normal basis.

8. Motivation

By making use of a track finder, one can identify small improvements they make in their game in matters concerning distance, by keeping track of the average distance for each club. While such improvements are great motivators, they may not be easy to notice by just looking at your final score, which is why a rangefinder is of significant importance.

9. Data Gathering

If you need information as to how far you hit each club, there is no need for unnecessary struggles, while a rangefinder can save you such troubles. When using a rangefinder, you have the ability to know how far you hit each club, which is an advantage over the other players you are playing against.

By looking at the above points, you can see for sure that golf rangefinders are essential to any golf player. If you need to improve your golf skills, you will never go wrong when using a rangefinder. Make sure that you research a lot so you can make a decision as to which rangefinder will fit you best.

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