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Smart Home Infographic

This infographic gives a full rounded description as to what smart home technology can do for users. The three categories highlighted with these devices encompass what smart home tech is mostly about; saving money, protecting you and making life easy. Although each device shown has been linked to just one category, it should be noted that they could apply to several.

Infographic credits: Your Smart Home Guide

The money savers such as the smart thermostat, smart lighting and smart shower are all concerned with cutting down electricity and water usage, and in the end your monthly bills. These devices make you aware of your usage so you can make changes and also allow for programming to make your consumption leaner. The best smart thermostat, the Nest, showcases best what smart home technology is about. Its highly sophisticated learning algorithms learns from your movements and your behaviours and fine tunes your heating and cooling costs accordingly.

Devices that make life easy quite simply take the effort out of actions and do things for you. The best examples have to be smart hubs with voice control and robot vacuum cleaners. There isn’t much easier than telling your devices what to do with your voice and using an virtual assistant such as Alexa. Most people don’t like cleaning, so having a robot vacuum to do it for you is pretty ideal. The best robot vacuums navigate your home intelligently and have powerful motors that do a tidy job on carpets. What’s not to like?

Finally, the most important, the devices that protect you. Smart home security is the most popular application of smart tech because of how effective it is. Great examples are video doorbells and outdoor security cameras. The leader of the outdoor smart home security camera market is undoubtedly Arlo with their products such as the Arlo, Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2. These cameras last for months on end without needing a recharge due to only being turned on when triggered by motion or audio. When this happens, short video segments are stored on the cloud for free. You can even talk to whoever is outside via the camera and watch the live feed at any time. The newer options have a smart siren inbuilt to the home station. This combined with the presence of the cameras make smart home security devices as much about deterrence as they are monitoring and surveillance.

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