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5 Ways to Improve Your IT Business

IT is one of the most popular markets today. It is growing at a rapid pace as technology is changing and companies are seeing the need for a great IT firm on their side. However, with so many people getting into the game to get a slice of the pie, you need to be competitive to hold your market segment. So make sure you are constantly looking for ways to improve your business, or you could lose customers quick. Here are ways to improve so you can stay on top:

Focus on Security

With so many high profile hacks going on recently, companies are on high alert about their security. They are aware that their customer’ credit card information and identities are at stake. And if they don’t do enough to protect them, they could get roasted on social media. They also have their own banking information at stake with lenders. That is not to mention the value of their secret sauce that could give competitors everything they need to ruin them. Even customer lists are worth gold in business due to the nature of analytics and information available on a customer today.

So one of the primary focuses of your IT business must be offering security. First, you need to have a team that knows the ins and outs of networks and the kinds of dangers that customers are facing, from phishing scams to viruses to everything between. And you should be promoting your firewalls and network monitoring services that can detect intruders and offer strategies to respond to emergencies when data is on the line. This can help you stand out from other IT companies in your market.

Assure Quality

The quality of your services is your reputation. And today with social media, reputations travel fast. Make sure to invest in the QA training necessary so poorly written code or processes don’t fall through the cracks. The last thing you want is a bad review on your hands that could damage your business overnight.

Hire Right

You can use software to review candidates’ histories and employment records. This will help screen out people who you don’t want on your team, such as potential thieves and cyber criminals. Your team is everything as you must trust them with private information on many customers and your own business.

Train With Technology

Training used to be a difficult thing to achieve in IT. You would have to travel many miles to a conference or a classroom in person. But today, the training platforms have changed. So many courses and certifications are available online. With digital training on the rise, you should leverage the ability to get your people trained on the right technologies from anywhere whether they are using a computer in the office or their phone at home. That way you can reduce the costs you have and invest it elsewhere in your company. It can also standardize the training so there is less room for error and your employees are replaceable if something comes up.

Fill the Pipeline with New Business

If you want your IT business to take off, you need enough customers in your pipeline. If you are depending on only a handful of clients, you will soon find yourself spending too much time on them to make a profit. When you have other options, it is easier to say no and instead offer higher pricing and tiers of services. Hire a sales team if need be, but make sure that customer growth is top of mind.

When it comes to IT, it is one of the most difficult businesses to run. Not only do you need to have the right technical skills, you need people skills too. But if you follow the advice above, you can dominate your market and prepare for the major IT evolution that your prospects are going through in the coming years.

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