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Playing and Earning Goes Hand in Hand with Top Games in India

You play, you win, you earn. This is the new way of the modern gaming India. Players are smart and as the selection of games have intensified, the outcome they want from the game is also now focused and calculated. Sure, there are fun social games to entertain in those light moments, but it is the skill games that are seeing the real action. The buzz around these games don’t seem to die down, in fact the real cash games have seen a 65% growth as per recent reports.

The Fun Game Zone

The popular online games in India has a connection with our age old offline games or have an international popularity following. Card games now welcome you to play rummy, poker or teen patti online, while previously it was just with friends and family. On the other hand, games like Candy Crush have a popularity that spans the world. Whether it is games originated in India or across the globe, they are easy, fun and tempting to keep you glued for more and more. What the player is looking for in these games is pure entertainment and light moments of fun. The top grossing games on the Play Store clearly show this mix.

The fun game zone is here to stay. It lets players enjoy light moments that doesn’t require undivided attention and yet give the winning moment.

The Win Money Zone

This is the segment that is growing steadily. It captures different types of games and the biggest reward of course is winning real cash prizes. There is one segment that includes different card games. It lets you play rummy online real money games and win big cash prizes. Of course, there are other games like poker and teen patti that are also quite popular in India. These games are skill based and are legal to play. So, players just need to pick the game up and blend in strategy and smart moves to win cash for each win. Unlike fun games, these games demand your undivided attention. However, the rules for these games are pretty simple and this zone has seen almost 60% growth year on year.

But card games are not the only zone to earn cash online. There are live quiz apps as well, that are extremely popular. One popular app is Loco that invites players to play quiz in real time and lets players earn real cash if they answer all questions correctly. The app works on the same concept like, Kaun Banega Crorepati, the popular TV show. However, for one quiz there can be multiple winners and the prize money gets split among all winners.

These games work on freemium or paid model and the players are not hesitant in spending money to win some. The gamers of India have matured to the level that they are confident and take gaming as one of the main forms of entertainment.

The Fantasy Game Zone

There are millions of sports and gaming aficionados from the country that are absolutely glued to fantasy sports. The fan following is now over 30 million and as per the Indian Federation of Sports Gaming (IFSG) and AC Nielsen’s report on the sector, it will cross 100 million by 2020.

For people who are still new to fantasy sports, well it is a game where you create your own imaginary teams using real players to play in a league or a match. The win or loss is based on the real performance of the players in their fantasy team. It is the passion to be the part of the action that has made it a popular sport in India. This is one more segment or zone that is extremely popular in the country. This is also win cash games and is amongst the most popular games in India today.


The gaming sector today is known to bring high amount of engagement across the length and breadth of the country. The Indian gaming market is all set to cross 3 Crore this year and is expected to generate a revenue of 7.160 crore by 2021. There is 70% revenue coming from advertising however there is 30% coming from in app purchases. On the other hand, the social card games see 90% of their revenue coming from in-app purchases and different subscription services while the 10% come from advertising. What it is clearly telling us that Indian players want entertainment, but it also wants to earn real cash from these games. All they are looking for is the clear path to win, leaving all types of ambiguity out. Delivering games at reasonable prices to as many people as possible will deliver big profits for the gaming industry in the coming time.


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