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How to Use Technology to Earn a Few (Thousand) Extra Dollars

Only a few people believe there are genuine ways to make money online. You’re probably afraid of online platforms because of many scam websites and spam emails that litter the internet with promises of easy money. Earning an extra dollar online isn’t a walk in the park. However, there are a lot of opportunities to make ends meet online only if you can dodge these scams. Below are legitimate ways people can harness the power of the internet to earn extra dollars even when working from home.

Selling Your Services or Time Online

The internet has a lot of opportunities for people with free time, and it can turn your time into money. For example, online platforms such as Fiverr allow people to post anything they would like to do for various clients. Your creativity and willingness to develop solutions for problems plaguing different people could be all that limits your potential. Payment for online services and time can start as low as $1 but can go higher. You need to apply, and once the admin has approved it, you’re free to sell any service or product ranging from homemade birthday cakes to dog-walking services.

Set Up a Yard Sale on a Smartphone

One of the ways to earn some extra cash online is to set up a yard sale on your smartphone. Although yard sales can be a hassle to set up and run, they are an excellent way to earn money online. You can use a smartphone to take a photo of an item or service you want to sell online and upload it to any online classified platform. Online sales platforms connect sellers and buyers from different locations, and sellers can use some of these platforms to post the pictures and description of their products to sites such as Facebook and Craigslist to maximize their brand outreach. Investment has never been so secure than with online platforms such as swell investing, which allows people to invest cash or their IRA or 401k in sustainable portfolios such as renewable energy.


Did you ever know that you can harness the power of crowdfunding to earn extra cash for your next vacation? You can use crowdfunding to cover for any other expense such as school fees or unexpected electricity bill. Whatever goal you want to achieve, you can subscribe to a crowdfunding site and ask relatives or friends to chip in. Over time, you will be surprised at how your dollars add up once a new member joins the group.

Buy Things Online

Unlike before where people would experience pain clipping coupons, a new wave of reward programs allows people to get cash rewards and save money for shipping things. Some platforms let online shoppers buy various products listed in the app, use their smartphone to take a photo of their receipt, and get paid for this through their PayPal account. You can also earn money online through small tasks such as answering poll questions and watching ads. Other reward programs ties into the online shopper’s pharmacy or grocery rewards card to track their transactions and eliminate the hassle of scanning receipts. However, the downside of these reward programs is that most of them only work with a select range of e-retailers. Reward programs have a friendlier interface compared to clipping coupons and allow shopper’s savings to add up over time.

Share Expertise and Answer Questions

Did you know answering survey questions could earn you some extra dollars? Online survey sites will pay you for answering questions submitted by their clients who want your service. For example, someone might ask a tech genius to help them troubleshoot a problem with their smartphone. A client could be looking for someone with a law degree to help them answer a legal question. The internet is an excellent platform where people can turn their expertise into a side hustle. Other platforms allow the internet users to sign up for free and meet people looking for their knowledge.

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